The Surge 2 Gets a New Cinematic Story Trailer

Publisher Focus Home Interactive released a new cinematic story trailer for The Surge 2, the action-RPG sequel from developer Deck 13 — coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC-via Steam on September 24 and now available for pre-order.

Along with giving us a better idea of the game’s world, Jericho City, the trailer also gives us a first glimpse of the many new characters in the game and describes the game’s story. Obviously, if you want to do a “blind playthrough” of The Surge 2, then you probably don’t want to read further. For everyone else, let’s dive in.

The Surge 2 begins after the deFrag nanovirus strikes following the launch of a Utopia rocket. In the post-apocalyptic city of Jericho City, the game’s world, one lone warrior – you – must fight through hell, high water, and amnesia to discover the truth about a mysterious virus, the city you’re in, and so much more. The trailer doesn’t go too, too deep as it just basically explains the start of the story.

Characters are also in the spotlight in the new trailer, though. From the main hero of The Surge 2 to the many citizens within Jericho City, and even nano-cultists who are taking everything they can from the environment for some mysterious reason. We get to see just how ruthless the city has become as the government forces of A.I.D attempt to maintain a stranglehold on the city with an iron fist. All the while, Athena, a girl with whom you have a special connection with, leads you through the streets to a destination unknown.

The many mysteries found in The Surge 2 will need to be solved as you experience The Surge 2’s gameplay. With the renowned limb-targeting system combined with the upgraded combat design, along with a new, bigger world, and many more surprises, The Surge 2 seems like it’ll impress new players and fans of the series alike. As a side note, the unique loadout feature in the game was also revealed.

Take a quick dive into The Surge 2‘s story by watching the new trailer below:

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