The Surge 2 Shows Combat in New Trailer; The Surge is Available Free on PC Now

The Surge 2 Shows Combat in New Trailer; The Surge is Available Free on PC Now

Publisher Focus Home Interactive released a new combat trailer for The Surge 2, the action-RPG sequel from developer Deck 13 — coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC-via Steam on September 24 and now available for pre-order.

In addition, The Surge, the first title, is available for free on PC-via Steam until August 29. The Surge – Augmented Edition, which comes with the game and all of its DLC, can also be purchased 60% off until August 30.

The latest trailer for The Surge 2 shows us even more limb-chopping, intense action, but it also gives us a good idea of the many weapons in the game and how to best use certain weapons. Hacking and slashing is one way to take down enemies, however, there are also other ways to get the deed done, like parrying attacks, pulling off a swift, well-timed dodge and attacking in a flash, unleashing brutal execution moves, and even using drones. With over 80 weapons to choose from and multiple ways to engage in combat, players will be able to approach battles in a way that best suits their playstyle.

Set in a dystopian future, The Surge 2 will have players step into the role of an exo-suit wearing main character who was in a plane crash but has no memory at all about how the crash happened. Stranded in the massive world of Jericho City, players will need to figure out the truth of what happened, and survive in the unusual world they’re in. Doing so won’t be easy as it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, so players will need to slice and dice their way through enemies, like rampaging machines and fanatical cultists, to survive. With the renowned limb-targeting system combined with the upgraded combat design, along with a new, bigger world, and many more surprises, The Surge 2 seems like it’ll impress new players and fans of the series alike.

Check out the new, brutal trailer to see what awaits you in The Surge 2:

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