Visual Novel ‘The Shell Part II: Purgatorio’ Reveals Q2 Release on Steam Page

Visual Novel ‘The Shell Part II: Purgatorio’ Reveals Q2 Release on Steam Page

Shiravune has shared that the Innocent Grey-developed visual novel The Shell Part II: Purgatorio will launch on PC via Steam in Q2 2024. This is definitely one of the more graphic visual novels that elevates the tension of Part I to new heights. An external patch will likely be required for all the content.

The Shell Part II: Purgatorio is a historical detective visual novel that continues the enigmatic narrative begun in The Shell Part I: Inferno. This sequel explores a mystery that stretches across Japan’s tumultuous pre-war and post-war periods. With over 5 hours of story content, the game offers multiple endings, deepening the immersive experience for players. It features full Japanese voice acting performed by seasoned professionals, enhancing the storytelling with authentic emotional depth. Additionally, the visual novel has been fully remastered, boasting new HD assets that bring its detailed world and complex characters to life with greater clarity and impact.

Set against the backdrop of a small hamlet known as Hitogata, where residents worship clay dolls according to ancient customs, the narrative delves into a murder that reignites discussions of divine retribution and curses linked to the abandonment of old traditions. The story picks up in December 1957, two years after the kidnapping of Toko Kuchiki, weaving together the fates of Reiji Tokisaka and his sister Yukari, a mysterious cult, and the persistent cycle of obsession that traces back to before the war. As Reiji investigates these intertwined mysteries, the game challenges players to navigate the complex web of human desires and divine will, highlighting the stark reality that, though curses may originate from the gods, it is human actions that ultimately fulfill their ominous portents.

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