The Seventh Sign -Mr. Sister- Will Be Available on Multiple PC Storefronts Tomorrow; Steam Isn’t One of Them

Sekai Project has announced The Seventh Sign -Mr. Sister- will be released on PC tomorrow, January 18, 2022. However, the visual novel developed by Sweet & Tea won’t be available on Steam but on other storefronts such as Sekai Project’s own shop and JAST Store. Other store pages will be announced tomorrow.

The Seventh Sign -Mr. Sister- tells the story of a young man called Reiji, whose life is saved from doom by the whim of a cat god called Fuuko. By putting fragments of herself in him, she allows him to live once again. However, the fragments are now stuck there and this temporary measure will lead them both to death as the fragments need to go back where they belong.

As getting them out would be tricky, Fuuko wants to kill him. The other way around would be giving him some major shock that could really shake him to the very core. Now the two of them will have to figure out a way to deal with these unexpected circumstances.

The mysterious circumstances don’t end there though, as his younger sister, Aoba Erika, also gets cat ears. She was with him during the event that almost caused his death and shockingly she doesn’t remember a thing. This summer promises to be filled with weird supernatural happenings in Reiji’s life.

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Ivanir Ignacchitti

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