The Sealed Ampoule Is Now Available On Steam

PLAYISM has released The Sealed Ampoule on PC (via Steam). The game’s release date hadn’t been revealed previously, as the publisher used the New Game+ Expo showcase to promote the game.

Developed by Cavyhouse, the game promises an interesting take on the roguelike genre as a “dungeon agriculturalization” game. The player assumes the role of a novice alchemist called Irene. After buying a dungeon in a sale, your job is to explore it.

However, the place is infested with strange enemies. You’ll have to fight the enemies and level up your dungeon, turning it into a garden filled with useful items for your synthesis. And, to make matters worse, a dead body is found in the depths of the dungeon.

The story takes place ten years before the events of Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden, but the game’s story can be appreciated without the other game.

Check out the release trailer:

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Ivanir Ignacchitti

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