The Sagara Family Remastered Available Now in the West; Adds Updated Translation, Upscaled Graphics, and More

JAST USA has launched the ZyX-developed classic visual novel The Sagara Family Remastered on PC-via JAST USA Store for $7.99.

The Sagara Family Remastered initially launched in 2005 in the west and has become a classic nukige title amongst fans. This remastered release adds upscaled graphics, high-quality music, updated translation, and compatibility with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Basically, all weebs can pick this title up to get reacquainted with their roots. Further, the release has no mosaics, which was more commonplace with these older titles.

Those who own The Sagara Family can upgrade to the new version for free. The remastered release can be found in your library now.

The Sagara Family Remastered introduces Yusuke, who is attending college in Tokyo and living with a family friend. However, luckily for Yusuke, the family is a bunch of girls and a widowed mother. So, in typical h-game fashion, players will navigate conversations until they end up romancing each of the girls who we assume to have different personalities and interests. Evidently, the girls aren’t used to men, so there’s that.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with future remastered visual novel releases in the west.

You can check out the opening movie below to get a preview of the upscaled illustrations:

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