The Quarry Tasks You With Surviving Until Dawn, Again

Supermassive Games, the studio behind Until Dawn, has announced The Quarry, their latest cinematic horror game.

Set in a summer camp that just concluded, The Quarry has players survive a terrifying last night at camp as the nine unlucky camp counselors. Players will have to make difficult choices if they want to make it to daylight. Any character can live until the end, or die as a result of your actions.

As is typically the case with Supermassive Games titles, a number of renowned celebrity actors are playing characters in The Quarry, including David Arquette, Branda Song, Ariel Winter, and Ted Raimi.

This announcement is particularly interesting, as Supermassive Games seems pretty occupied with their successful Dark Pictures Anthology series. We reviewed the most recent Dark Pictures game, titled House of Ashes. You can check out our full written review, where we say “The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is a fantastic feat in the adventure narrative genre. There’s a focus on character drama to make the cast more dynamic and a group of flesh-eating demons to keep your heart racing. Choices have a considerable impact, but there’s room to play again and again, with accessible options to fine-tune the experience and a new camera system to enhance exploration. Alone or with friends, no matter how you play, a nightmare awaits.”

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