The Pillagers of Raillore Announced by MangaGamer for Western Release on PC

The Pillagers of Raillore Announced by MangaGamer for Western Release on PC

During AnimeNYC, MangaGamer has announced The Pillagers of Raillore is coming west. Developed by 3rdEye (Sorcery Jokers), the post-apocalyptic fantasy visual novel will feature uncensored graphics for its adult scenes. No release window was disclosed by the company.

The Pillagers of Raillore takes place in a future in which people developed abilities called Dunamis. Thanks to those powers, society’s values were uprooted and completely changed over time. Not only were people without those skills considered strange, society at large regressed considerably, making it look like a middle ages setting. The population was reduced and much of the world are ruins.

The city of Raillore is a self-sufficient community governed by the local Order of Security and Regulatory Knights. As a series of strange incidents are happening and a new power different from Dunamis brings forth a new class of people considered Errors, the world seems to be on the brink of a paradigm shift once again.

In these trying times, a group of young people will fight for their own future. The story is co-written by Seiryuu Shimantogawa and Fushichou and character designs are by Maki Makita. Those three were responsible for the same roles in Sorcery Jokers.

Check out a few illustrations from the game:

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