The Patient S Remedy Review – Overdosing Healing Fluids

The Patient S Remedy Review – Overdosing Healing Fluids

Infamous BL Hadaka Shitsuji‘s developer MADA Labo strikes again with The Patient S Remedy. For their new game, the concept is healing people through sex with the main character as a source of medicine. Things will end up going out of hand with a sadist protagonist with privileges, though.

Sota Sasaki is a young man whose life suddenly changes forever after he goes to the hospital. While he looks like he’s in perfect health, the truth is he has contracted a rare illness popularly known as Candle Disease. This degenerative health issue destroys the body over time, and patients don’t survive.

Being hospitalized is new to him, as he doesn’t remember ever catching a cold or any other disease. As the doctors examine his clinical condition, they find out his body produces universal inhibitors, which can work against the pathogen of Candle Disease.

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Unfortunately, this miraculous substance doesn’t work for Sota himself. However, it’s an essential and exciting new option for the other patients. As such, he has the chance to help the development of a new treatment that can save other people. He wouldn’t help out of the goodness of his heart, so the doctor offers two incentives.

First, by researching the other patients, he might be able to make a drug that works on Sota. That means this research would benefit him in the end as well. Secondly, we have a weirdly enticing reason: Sota would have special privileges that allowed him to use anything and anyone inside the ward as his plaything. He could order anyone to do his bidding, and they’d have to obey as long as it was reasonable.

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On the other hand, the boy would have to fulfill his duty as a living medicine provider to one of the patients. His fluids carry the potential cure to Candle Disease, which doesn’t mean only his blood but also his semen. With an excuse of producing the latter in abundance, the BL visual novel abuses the circumstances for the straight(?) Sota to get more intimate with the other men as Candle Disease only affects male individuals.

Three men are looking for a cure in the ward, each with their circumstances. Sota can also use his privileges to get his way with the doctor and the female nurse Sakura in a CG. While The Patient S Remedy spends some time setting up the story, it doesn’t take long for the characters to get down to business. As a Togo Mito story, it can get quite depraved and unhinged, but there’s also a touching side to its melancholy-inducing endings.

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The main course of patients to treat includes the young and cute Haruki Mishima, Mitsuo Yasuda, and Manabu Minagawa. Haruki is a shy book lover that looks very soft and meek and seems to have a history in hospitals. Meanwhile, old man Mitsuo tries hard to act full of energy and cares more about others than himself. Lastly, Manabu is an elite individual who uses glasses and tends to treat others with contempt.

While Sota is initially wary of treating those guys, he’ll get to know more about them and get closer to them. The Patient S Remedy has a sort of daily schedule for the player to balance. You can visit the other characters in their respective rooms or return to your room and send a message to your family or your best friend. On certain days you’ll get to see how the treatment affects your character, leaving you unable to go outside the room.

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There are a lot of possibilities, with The Patient S Remedy featuring 16 endings and epilogues for the three main guys. Getting all of them is necessary to reach the sixteenth ending, with some details that could have been made clear for the player. A slight choice difference may lead the player to the most common end, and some options only appear in the following playthroughs.

The story may be titillating material most of the time, but it offers surprisingly bleak and sad turns that remind the reader the situation isn’t a joking matter. Even so, the protagonist’s dumb act can be a lot of fun at times, though his sadist excesses are an acquired taste that not all players are likely to appreciate.

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In a way, Sota is like what Rance would be in a BL visual novel. The idea of being king, abusing his privileges, and enjoying stuff without thinking too deep is very much like him. Nonetheless, Sota is a dumb kid whose heart seems to have a little more love in it to the point he isn’t just selfish and seems to be connecting with the other guys deep down inside.

The English-translated text is a delightful read. While there are minor typos here and there, it offers fantastic descriptions and dialogues. The quality is especially true for Sota’s internal monologues, which are so funny and filled with character that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at times. Characters also move their mouths during conversations, and their expressiveness shines through the unique, slightly realistic art style.

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The Patient S Remedy is another BL experience by Togo Mito’s Mada Labo, and, just like its protagonist, there’s also a lot of heart beneath the layers of sadism. The routes can be a bit obtuse at times, but fans who have dived deep into the genre are likely to enjoy this experience of empathizing with the other patients while abusing the circumstances.

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