Fantasy Visual Novel ‘The Oath of the Dark Magic Queen’ Coming West to PC Next Month

Sekai Project announced they will publish the first title from developer DessertTheory, The Oath of the Dark Magic Queen, on PC-via Steam on November 5, 2021.

The Oath of the Dark Magic Queen has a narrative centered around a fantasy world where the Demon Lord has been defeated. However, the evil generals of the Demon Lord are still at large and causing chaos across the lands. One hero finds himself in a forest where he encounters a beautiful woman. Sadly for him, she is Omaylas, the Dark Magic Queen and one of the generals.

He learns that she is imprisoned by magical powers as she explains that she’s been banished for not obeying the Demon Lord, and she’s willing to swear an oath to him. Doing so will release her from her prison, but she understands that she must still face her punishment. Anything will be better than the hell she’s in, though.

The hero doesn’t really trust this woman, but he can’t just leave her; I mean, what’d you expect? This is a romance, after all.

The Oath of the Dark Magic Queen features multiple endings and English and Tradition Chinese language options.

You can check out some screenshots below:

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