The Messenger Gets Free Update Which Adds New Game+ and More

Sabotage Studio pushed out their new update for their side-scrolling adventure The Messenger, available now for Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam.

The update includes a handful of new modes including a New Game+, which allows players who have completed the game to start a new game on a special save slot. This mode will start the player off with all the unlocked upgrades but will also increase the difficulty by raising the damage and boss HP. Players will need to have a save slot with 100% progression in order to unlock this mode.

Additionally, the update adds a Jukebox for players to play through the game’s soundtrack. Other improves include controller input remapping, a visual cue during the underwater labyrinth, and a hint feature to guide players through the game.

The Messenger is a retro ninja side-scroller which allows the player to switch between 8 and 16-bit graphics in order to get through the game. There are many ninja skills to learn throughout the game and bosses to encounter. The game is mostly compared to the early Nintendo Ninja Gaiden trilogy.

You can check out a developer commentary for the game about the new update below:

Author’s take: Hey, any excuse to jump back into The Messanger is good enough for me. This game brings back plenty of stressful memories from playing Ninja Gaiden, but it’s worth it.

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