The Messenger Developer Teases New Game Reveal for Next Month

Indie developer Sabotage is looking to raise some hype around the studio’s newest project. The developer released a new 30-second trailer with an animation of a solar eclipse.

The trailer’s text reads, “New Game Reveal Spring Equinox 2020 March 19”

So I guess all we can do now is wait for what the developer has planned. The trailer also features some retro music, which is in line with the team’s previous release, The Messenger. It’s suspected that the developer will stick to this style, but the themes or setting has not been revealed. This could also be a sequel to The Messenger, but after all of the updates that the team has been added, I’m sure they’ll want to try something new.

The Messenger is a retro ninja side-scroller which allows the player to switch between 8 and 16-bit graphics in order to get through the game. There are many ninja skills to learn throughout the game and bosses to encounter. The game is mostly compared to the early Nintendo Ninja Gaiden trilogy.

In case you missed it, check out our review of The Messenger on PlayStation 4, where we loved every piece of nostalgia that the game contains.

You can watch the short teaser trailer below:

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