Adventure Game ‘The Legend of Tianding’ Switch and PC Release Date in New Gameplay Trailer

Neon Doctrine announced that the CGCS-developed adventure game The Legend of Tianding will release on Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam on November 1, 2021.

The Legend of Tianding is set in 1805 when the Treaty of Shimonoseki saw Taiwan ceded to Japan and was placed on Japanese rule. The Taiwanese people began an uproar, and resistance quickly broke out as they found themselves suppressed by the colonial government. Their strength was matched with heavy losses, but they continued to fight. Then, a hero emerged, Liao Tianding.

During gameplay, players assume the role of Liao Tianding, a wanted outlaw from Taipei City. The game reflects a comic-book art style full of 2D environments and story segments that take place in panels.

Exploration will typically lead to combat, where the game features a system that allows comboing different actions for new results. However, players can also choose to rob in the game and make the fight more interesting as each enemy has a weapon that Liao can take for his own.

Lead developer PP Wang states that “I am inspired by real events and the comic books of my youth, and I am dedicated to promoting Taiwanese stories through the medium of video games.”

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the release of The Legend of Tianding.

For now, you can watch the newest trailer below:

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