The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails — All Star Fragments Guide

In the Nihon Falcom-developed and NIS America-published action JRPG, The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails, there are collectibles called Star Fragments you can find for Nayuta’s Septluxian Scope in his room. They just show character and environment illustrations.

Some are hidden, and a good chunk of them are exclusive to New Game Plus. This guide has compiled where to find every Star Fragment.

You can view our full Star Fragments guide for The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails below:

Chapter 1

You can get the Star Frag. (Floral Bounty) by speaking to Aquela to the far south of town at the docks.

star fragment floral bounty

Chapter 2

With the Gear Buster, you can destroy a breakable tree stump near the end of Lakeshore Forest – Spring that has a Star Frag. (Sea Blue) in a chest, letting you fully complete the stage.

Chapter 3

The Star Frag. (Incandescence) is found in the chest in the Dragon’s Graveyard – Winter stage.

Chapter 4

Complete the AWOL Offspring quest. Speak to Baron Victor upstairs in the Stargazer’s Tavern & Inn, then Ada in the Meteor Workshop. Then talk to Captain Puppis at the far south edge of town at the docks. At the entrance of the docks, Aquela will be standing, so talk to her; you’ll need to spend 2,000 Mira. Lastly, go to the entrance of the Garden in Terra to finish the quest. You’ll receive the Star Frag. (Great Echoes) and 6,000 Mira.

After Story

Head back to Remnant Isle. For the final Mishy location, head to the top of the ruins, the one you went to at the very beginning of the game. You’ll get the Star Frag. (Fantasy) if you have spotted him at every possible location.

Complete the Sealed Box quest.

Speak to Orbus. You need to go where each Administrator was imprisoned.

  • Head to La Worg and go to Ancient Reefs (Spring)
  • Head to Altapea and go to Sacred Way (Summer)
  • Head to Heinmel and go to Sky-Piercing Mountain – Autumn
  • Head to Rieseweld and go to Harmonious Cavern – Winter

Report back to Orbus to receive the Star Frag. (Under the Sun)

Chest in Ancient Reefs – Summer has Star Frag. (Dawn Sky)

Chest in Sunshade Trail – Autumn has Star Frag. (Wisdom’s Light)

Chest in Hell’s Gate – Winter in La Worg has Star Frag. (Starlight).

You should have every Star Fragment now, so examine them all in the Septluxian Scope in Nayuta’s room for an achievement.

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