The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails — All Sidequests Guide

In the Nihon Falcom-developed and NIS America-published action JRPG, The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails, there are plenty of sidequests to complete. Some are hidden, and a good chunk of them are exclusive to New Game Plus. This guide has compiled every quest, its rewards, and the timing of availability.

Make sure to adopt Nora as soon as possible by purchasing the Dog House.

Unless otherwise stated, each quest is given via Nayuta’s mailbox.

You can view our sidequest guide for The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails below:


Lunchbox Support Request

Speak to Dorado near the center of the town’s intersection. Head to Eartha at Nayuta’s place and then learn about the cooking mechanic. Report back to Dorado to conclude the quest. You’ll get 50 Mira.

Swordsman Training

Speak to Master Orbus by exiting to the left of the town and do the combat tutorial.

Chapter 1

Bell’s Challenge

Speak to Bell in the house on the right side of the port. Walk up the stairs of the Sunset General Store to find the first note. Nayuta’s telescope at his place has the second note. Talk to Dorado in the center of town for a note. Lastly, exit town to the west and examine the boat near Master Orbus. You’ll gain the Chewy Bone as a reward, which is a gift for Nora.

Gift of Gratitude

Speak to Sculp outside the house just south of the Sunset General Store. Then speak to Sasha in the nearby general store. Nayuta realizes a stage may hold the objective. The Eternal Rose needed for the Gift of Gratitude quest will be found in the Sacred Wind – Spring stage. A Jewel Tomato and 100 Mira will be given by Sculp when you report back to him.

eternal rose

Chapter 2

Helping with Checkups – Hidden Quest

Go to the Stargzer’s Tavern & Inn, and go into the second room on the second floor to speak to Dr. Hydel. Head to the south of town at the docks and go to the right house to speak to Carina. Speak to Mrs. Janis in the elder’s house on the far left house of the town.

Talk to Kenni in the center house of town that has the cow near it. Go to the Sunset General Store and speak to Sasha four times (remember to talk with the quest button) to complete the quest. You’ll get the Flying Machine Model as a reward.

Supreme Fruit Wine

Speak to Ada at the Meteor Workshop, then head to the Stargazer’s Tavern & Inn and speak to Merchant Antlia to obtain the Century Peach Sapling, which we’ll grow on Terra.

Go to Altapea and play the first stage’s Spring theme, Sunshade Trail – Spring. The planting spot for the sapling is right, where the third dark crystal is at the dead end. Finish the stage, then change the season to Summer, and reach the same spot you were just at in Sunshade Trail – Summer. Ensure you’re properly equipped because the enemies will be considerably stronger. Deliver the peach to Ada to receive 600 Mira.


After getting the Gear Buster skill, head back to Remnant Isle.

Searching for Island Specialties

Go back to Terra and enter the Temple–Sanctum at the end of Altapea. Talk to Gio and head back to Remnant Isle. Speak to Chief Serpens in his house at the far left of town to get Dried Squid. Speak to Columba in the Meteor Workshop to get the Isle Loco Moco.

Lastly, go to where Orbus usually resides, out the western exit of the town, and examine the water just south of him [screenshot] to get Ruins Rock Salt. Report back to Gio for Noi to get the Summer Art Sol Erase.

rock salt

Chapter 3

Recovering Extinct Species (Text also calls It Back From the Brink, so I don’t know what the actual name is).

Go to the Temple – Sanctum of Rieseweld and speak to Songstress Erislette. Go to the Dragon River Cave – Winter stage in Riesweld and examine the spot Nayuta takes note of after you hit a switch. Defeating the Ice Werg enemy here will give Noi the Winter Art Frost Wave. You can fully complete this stage too.

Re-enter this stage in its Summer iteration, and go to where you placed the eggs in the Winter iteration, which you’ll have to swim toward. You can now get the first crystal here thanks to the Gear Hold ability and fully complete the stage, too.

Report back to Erislette to receive the Winter Art White Nova.

Procuring Pigments

Speak to Pyxia in the center of town.

Go to the third stage of Heinmel, Sky-Peircing Mountain – Winter. The three pigments you need will be found on the walls here, in the order of Red, Yellow, then Blue. The chest of this area is right next to the Blue pigment, by the way. You can’t fully complete this stage yet.

Report back to Pyxia to get the Silver Bracelet.

Chapter 4

AWOL Offspring

Speak to Baron Victor upstairs in the Stargazer’s Tavern & Inn, then Ada in the Meteor Workshop. Then talk to Captain Puppis at the far south edge of town at the docks. At the entrance of the docks, Aquela will be standing, so talk to her; you’ll need to spend 2,000 Mira. Lastly, go to the entrance of the Garden in Terra to finish the quest. You’ll receive the Star Frag. (Great Echoes) and 6,000 Mira.

Restoration of Lost Power

This quest spawned in the mailbox for me after completing Dragon’s Graveyard – Autumn.

Go to the Temple – Sanctum in Heinmel and speak to Guardian King Argol. You’ll need to head to the first stage of La Worg to do his quest. Speaking of, you can now head off and start that continent.

In the Ancient Reefs – Autumn, use Gear Shield to cross the lava to get the second and third crystals. The second crystal is also where Argol’s first requested fragment is.

The second fragment of Argol’s power is in Hell’s Gate – Autumn, near the end across a series of narrow platforms. It’s located atop a bone platform.

After several scenes, you’ll be able to do Temple of La Worg. In here, the second half of the stage, where you make the initial right at the first fork, you’ll find Argol’s last fragment of power atop a series of blocks.

Go to Argol at the Temple – Sanctum in Heinmel to conclude the Restoration of Lost Power quest. Noi will get the Autumn Art Grand Terror.

Chapter 5

The Spirits’ Whereabouts

Go to the Temple – Sanctum in La Worg and speak to Sage Nemeas. Then speak to Lychnis Geo in Altapea’s Temple, Erislette in Rieseweld’s Temple, and Argol in Heinmel’s Temple.

Go to Windswept Valley – Autumn in Heinmel and use Gear Drive on the wall with the grooves a little bit into the stage; it’s very noticeable. The spirit will be here, as well as the second crystal, allowing you to fully clear the stage.

Go to Harmonious Cavern – Winter in Rieseweld and head a good ways into the stage until the mandatory fight against three knight enemies. Afterward, move forward a bit and head as north as you can to find the spirit.

Go to Sacred Way – Summer in Altapea and just keep heading southeast. The spirit will be in the middle of the swamp mud, where you had to use Gear Hold for the second crystal.

Report back to Nemeas in the Temple – Sanctum of La Worg for Noi to get the Spring Art Gospel Bloom.

Chapter 6

Developing a New Dish

Speak to Gruz in the Stargazer’s Tavern & Inn. You need to give him Three Fresh Red Meat, Five Bone-In Rigid Meat, and 2 Orum Clams.  The lattermost is rare; just go to the first half of the Temple of La Worg and go a bit ways into it to the sapling that spawns ingredients. Orum Clams appear from this. Give Gruz the ingredients, and you’ll get the Guide to Fine Cuisine 3, 2 Gelatinous Things, and a Gnome Jelly.

Chapter 7

Investigating the Other World

Speak to Professor Volans at the Museum.

  • Go to City Sector 1 in Lexendria, and go far into the stage until just after the linear spike wall traps. Head south and examine the first slate.
  • In City Sector 2, near the end, a ways north of the third crystal, the slate is on the corner of the wall.
  • In City Sector 3, go right as soon as the stage starts, and you’ll see the slate.
  • In City Sector 4, go to literally the very end of the stage; the slate is right next to the exit.

After Story

Ancestral Offerings

Talk to Chief Serpens in his house, then Kenni in the house south of the general store. Speak to Carina in the house at the docks and then merchant Antlia in the Stargazer’s Tavern & Inn. Move to the Garden in Terra and examine the spot where Cygna and Creha are sleeping. Finish the quest by talking to Chief Serpens to receive the Guide to Fine Cuisine 4.

Going to Terra will initiate the Defeat the Four Sacred Statues quest.

After defeating the bosses at the end of each continent, you’ll complete the Defeat the Four Sacred Statues quest and get the Chrono Blade.

Sealed Box

Speak to Orbus. You need to go where each Administrator was imprisoned.

  • Head to La Worg and go to Ancient Reefs (Spring)
  • Head to Altapea and go to Sacred Way (Summer)
  • Head to Heinmel and go to Sky-Piercing Mountain – Autumn
  • Head to Rieseweld and go to Harmonious Cavern – Winter

Report back to Orbus to receive the Star Frag. (Under the Sun)

New Game Plus

Chapter 1

Collecting Star Fragments

Speak to Bootie in the cape north of town. You’ll have to find fragments. Most are self-explanatory shiny spots, while others are hidden.

Two fragments are right where you start, one behind the tree to the south and one next to the stairs of the graves. Head up the stairs leading back to town; one’s on the stairs. One is at the north of the stairway structure on the beach proper. Speak to the crab. In the water on the way to the ruins. East then north of the previous one, still in the water. After picking up those nine, examine the archway above the graves.

Report back to Bootie to receive a Prairie Mantis, Tarantula, and Hercules Beetle.

Chapter 2

Scope Repair – Hidden Quest

Speak to Eartha in the Herschels’ residence. Go to Sunshade Trail – Autumn in Altapea and do the block puzzle that leads to the chest (detailed a bit further below), which has the item you need nearby. Report back to Eartha to get 2 Rare Truffles, 2 Swallow Nests, and 2 Dragon Fruits.

The Forest Spirit’s Request

Go to the Temple – Sanctum of Altapea and speak to the Spirit at the entrance. Don’t worry about the monster in this one yet since the quest doesn’t expire at the end of this Chapter.

Chapter 3

Sister’s Clues

Speak to Ursa out the north exit of the island, then examine the Astrolabe. Go to Rieseweld and enter Dragon River Cave – Spring. Her sister will be in the north dead–end a bit of a ways in the stage. Complete the rest of the stage.

Report back to Ursa to get 900 mira and Amber, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Cobra, Giant Bird, Ammonite, Dragon Egg Fossil, Trilobite Fossil, Book of Alchemy, and an Orb of the Oracle.

Then head back to Terra and go to the Temple of Altapea for the Star Globe, a stellar museum item.

The Abyssal Spirit’s Request

Talk to the Spirit at the start of the Temple of Rieseweld. Once again, leave this monster for later.

Chapter 4

The Mountain Spirit’s Request

Talk to the Spirit at the entrance of the Temple in Heinmel. Once again, leave the monster for later.

Family Therapy

Talk to Norma, the maid outside the Museum, then speak to Sasha at the general store. Talk to Mrs. Camelope in the top right room of the Stargazer’s Tavern & Inn. Exit the inn and then fast travel to the Temple – Sanctum in Altapea and talk to Gio. Enter Windswept Valley – Summer and examine the small tree in a platform in the middle of the swamp.

Chapter 5

Where is the Heir?

Head to the Stargazer’s Tavern & Inn and speak to Mrs. Mensa. Talk to Mishy at the beach where Orbus is; he’s hidden behind the pillar to the far right. Exit to the north of town to the cape and talk to Mishy at the far right of the area near the water and graves.

Examine the Astrolabe in Terra and go to Ancient Reeds – Winter in La Worg. For the second crystal here, jump onto the slight gap of the available eastern wall after turning back from the first crystal. Open the chest near the end of the stage where the Administrator was formerly imprisoned. Report back to Mrs. Mensa to receive a Pink Diamond.

The Origin Spirit’s Request

Speak to the Spirit at the start of the Temple – Entrance in La Worg for another monster.

You should be able to take care of all four Spirit Requests by the end of New Game Plus. The quest descriptions tell you exactly which stages and Seasons they appear. If you’re underprepared, cook some Demon Hot Pots to gain more levels. Winning against each boss will give you Zemurian Ore. Talk to Columba in the Meteor Workshop once you have all four.

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