The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure Pays Tribute to Geofront Lead Editor, Scott Tijerina

In the final hours of my initial The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure playthrough, I came across two significantly heartwarming messages for those aware of Geofront, the team who worked on the fan translation this official release is based on.

The late Scott Tijerina, the Lead Editor of The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure’s Geofront fan translation patch, is paid tribute to in this launch. He was also a prominent YouTuber in the Falcom community, introducing many new fans to Trails, eventually leading to him joining Geofront.

To elaborate on how he is mentioned, Trails to Azure contains numerous treasure chest messages from the localization team. This feature was initially in the XSEED versions of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, and it would find its way into the Geofront releases of the Crossbell duology. The contents of these treasure chest messages, which are solely the endearing work of the localization team and not at all present in the original Japanese versions, tend to contain jokes, with puns being the most frequent.

However, these messages’ utilization differs at points, with Trails to Azure even featuring a fully fleshed-out story across 61 treasure chests. And in another collective case, the final dungeon contains treasure chest messages from Geofront staff. Many of them use initials of assumedly their real names, so it was difficult to conclude who each person was without research, but there was one, in particular, that stood out.

azure 1

This treasure chest message is from Tijerina, and it’s indescribably touching to see his acknowledgment in an official capacity. It doesn’t end there, though.

In the ending credits of Trails to Azure, the game shows “In Memory Of Scott Tijerina.”

trails to azure

I’m sure many acquaintances and friends of Tijerina will be delighted to see his legacy forever imprinted onto this game he was immensely passionate for.

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