The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure New Game+ Superboss Guide; All 6 Locations & Strategies

In The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure, six superbosses are only accessible on New Game+. They can be challenged during the Finale when you have access to the final dungeon.

Below, I have provided brief strategies for these superbosses, alongside their locations. At the point you do these fights, most are simple without much prep work, though a couple will require a decent bit of character customization.


Marsh Wetlands – Great Satan


On the second screen, go up at the first fork and follow the path. Give Lloyd the Rift Gem for this fight and use the Raging Spin Craft to Impede Arts since they’re common here. Wazy’s also a good choice since he has a ranged AOE Impede Craft, Trinity Card. You could use Elie for healing/Space Arts and Tio with Rune of Benevolence (Water Master Quartz Max Skill) to heal in a pinch and reduce damage by 50%.

Ursula Byroad – Grendel


Transport to the Merkabah point in the Ursula Byroad Sandbar. Head south, one screen to the cave, and a new opening will be to the left. The boss is there, and the fight’s easy. Use Mirage Arts and have somebody use the Rune of Benevolence (Water Master Quartz Max Skill) for defense. You can then use combo S-Crafts for whittling everyone down quickly.

 Geofront D Sector – Fallen Delacroix


When entering from the Downtown District, head left at the beginning. Follow the path until the next fork, and enter the door on your left-hand side (near the grates.) A new pathway will be opened behind the Monster Chest. The new boss is beyond here. Simply spam combination crafts; it’s not that bad. It’s weak to Space and Earth, so make sure to go in with a Burst to spam Arts and S-Crafts.

Geofront C Sector – Inferno Domina


When entering from the Harbor District, take the elevator down and head right as far as you can. The nearest door will lead to a clearing with the boss. Use Wazy’s Trinity Card Craft to Impede the enemies’ casting, and then Combo Crafts with the rest of the party for AOE damage. In addition, you can use Rune of Benevolence (Water Master Quartz Max Skill) for extra defense if needed, as well as Earth Pulse for regen. For extra insurance, the Impassion Art for CP regen can be useful, too.

The Old Mines – Lucifuge

Head left at the start of the mines’ first fork and then right immediately. Follow the linear path until you see purple mushroom-like platforms growing out of the walls. Walk across them to the next boss. This battle’s pretty easy. Just spam AOE Water/Space Arts and some combination crafts.



After defeating the aforementioned five bosses, you should get a message, and a new area will appear on the map via the Merkabah, the Scarlet Wetlands.

This super boss encounter also includes 4 Inferno Domina. I have two general strategies for this fight. The first is a cheese method, relying on you not having used your Burst Orbs in any of your playthroughs.

If you continually spam Burst Orbs to enter Burst State and use the Eschaton Water Art with Elie and Tio, you can get rid of the Inferno Domina quickly. Vermillion itself is weak to Mirage Arts, so Avalon Gate and the like from Wazy is ideal, alongside Elie and Tio having some offensive Mirage Arts of their own.

Lloyd can be used to restore party members’ EP with EP Charges and being a host for potent Combination Crafts that will do considerable damage if any final bonding scenes have upgraded them.

If you lack Burst Orbs, the alternative strategy is similar but with more defensive measures taken. Use Earth Pulse for HP regen, Zodiac for Strength + Defense buffing, and the Adamantine Guard Art/ Tio’s Zero Field S-Craft. Further, separating the party, so they’re not standing near each other is worthwhile to avoid grouped damage.

For winning, you’ll get the Creator’s Crown accessory. It gives the wearer +200 Strength, Defense, Art Attack, Art Defense, +10 Move and Speed, +20% Accuracy and Evasion.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure is releasing for Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games Store, GOG, and Steam at the following times:

  • March 14, 2023 – North America
  • March 17, 2023 – Europe
  • March 24, 2023 – Australia, New Zealand

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