The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure — Fishing Guide; All Locations, Rods & Elite Four Duel Strategies

The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure — Fishing Guide; All Locations, Rods & Elite Four Duel Strategies

One of the primary side activities in The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure is fishing. Returning from previous games, this minigame is approached differently this time around, with several fishing spots blocked by a group known as the Elite Four.

Lloyd will have to duel these members to gain access to the fishing spots, and you’ll also earn new accessories for doing so. As a note, the bait that isn’t simply other fish you can catch come from enemy drops. The Barca Casino in the Entertainment District also has some bait as exchange prizes, though they’re quite expensive.

The following rods are gained throughout this game-spanning quest, with their useable bait also listed:

  • Primary Rod – Default, obtained from the required “Ostensible Ownership” quest on Chapter 1’s second day.
    • Uses Dumpling, Earthworm, and Kasagin bait.
  • Little Shooter – Can be exchanged via the Barca Casino in the Entertainment District from Chapter 2 onward.
    •  Red Flies and Roe bait.
  • Bamboo Rod – On the screen before entering the Moon Temple, one of the three chests near the start of the screen has the rod.
    • Uses Snow Crab, Dumpling, and Dumpling DX bait.
  • Viking Rod – During Chapter 3, you’ll automatically obtain this rod after defeating the required Cryptid at the Boathouse.
    • Uses Carp, Kasagin, and Rainbow Gem EX bait.
  • Aqua Ruler – Talk to Peter at the Boathouse after catching each of the one-time fish at the Elite Four’s fishing spots.
    • Can use all types of bait.

Every fishing spot in the game is viewable via our gallery below, with brief directions in captions if needed:

You can view each fish’s locations and used bait below. Note that some fish will appear at spots not depicted in the following screenshots; this is just where I caught each of them.

The locations and methods to beat each Elite Four member are listed below:

Narses the Crazy Wave – Located at Mainz Mountain Path Waterfall. Duel requires you to have caught a Noble Carp. To win, you can just use a Bamboo Rod with Deluxe Dumplings; there are likely other combinations, too.

Sharkman the Ocean’s Edge – Located at Ursula Road Pond. Duel requires you to have caught Gluttonous Bass, Armorican Carp, Arowana, Pirarucu, Piranha, and Rockeater. To win, use the Viking Rod and Carp bait. You’ll need around 6-7 of them, so bring an abundance.

Kaguya the Dragon Princess – Located at Old Armorica Road – Rest Spot. Dual requires you to have caught a fish that is at least 130 rege in size. There are several ways to do this, but I just caught the one-time Crimson Eater fish from the Ursula Road Pond fishing spot (where Sharkman was) with the Carp bait. To win this duel, just use Carp bait with the Viking Rod repeatedly.

Triton the Silver Orca – Located at West Crossbell Highway – Pond. Dual requires you to have caught 29 types of fish. To win, use the Dumplings, Snow Crab, Roe, Red Flies, and Carp bait.

After defeating the Elite Four, report back to Branch Manager Cerdan at the Boathouse to inform him of your progress, and you’ll gain access to the best bait, Rainbow Gem EX. You can buy these, too. Also, talking to Peter after catching all four of the one-time fish in each of the Elite Four member spots will give you the Aqua Ruler rod.

Now, talk to Lakelord III at the Imperial Fishing Club in Crossbell’s East Street, then duel him at the Ursula Road Sandbar, easily reachable via the bus stop. Ensure you have the following bait before doing the duel:

  • Red Flies
  • Dumplings
  • Kasagin
  • Roe
  • Carp

To win, you must catch the same fish that Lakelord III does each time.

For Azelfish, use Red Flies. For Carp, use Dumplings or Deluxe Dumplings. For Gluttonous Bass, use Kasagin. For Raineater, use Roe, and for the Pale Salamander, use Carp. I believe the one you caught in this sequence doesn’t count for usage.

To conclude this duel, examine the nearby fishing spot, and use the Rainbow Gem EX bait to catch the Elder King. Note you needed to have obtained the Aqua Ruler rod earlier via Pete to do this. Catching this final fish will give you a Zeram Powder and the Chevalier Master Quartz.

Lakelord III will give you the Fishing Emperor’s Medal accessory afterward. And that concludes the fishing quest. Lloyd will become the Fishing Emperor Slayer afterward.


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