The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure — Every Sunshine Agnès Chapter Location

Like most Trails games, The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure contains optional and missable book chapters that tell a complete story. The book in this particular game is called Sunshine Agnès, and it’s quite an entertaining read.

Crossbell Times issues are buyable, though they’re always found at the Central Square Times Department Store and Tallys’ General Store on West Street during the beginnings of several days.

I have listed the locations and initial windows of availability for every chapter of Sunshine Agnès below. However, I must emphasize that, unlike some of the recipes, these collectibles are highly missable.

Plus, the screenshots and descriptions for some of the later chapter acquisitions in this article will contain party member and story spoilers. 

Sunshine Agnès Chapter 1 – On the first day of Chapter 1, speak to Manager Juan at the Crossbell Police Academy. You’ll likely have to talk to him twice since his initial optional conversation comprises starting his Peculiar Dish sidequest that lasts the whole game.

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Sunshine Agnès Chapter 2 – On the second day of Chapter 1, speak to Miner Logy on the upper level of Mainz Mining Village.

agnes 2

Sunshine Agnès Chapter 3 – On the first day of Chapter 2, speak to Imelda at her antique store in the Back Alley.

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Sunshine Agnès Chapter 4 – On the second day of Chapter 2, right after viewing the story event at the Crossbell Airport, speak to Pete in the Grimwood Law Office on West Street. Dudley will be in the party at this point.

agnes 4

Sunshine Agnès Chapter 5 – On the third day of Chapter 2, speak to Alfred sitting at the bar in Armorica Village’s Ash Tree Inn.

20230223191816 1

Sunshine Agnès Chapter 6 – During the Intermission, feed the cat on the hill to the beach’s top left with Cat Food. As far as I know, Cat Food is only a randomly obtained item from failing to cook any dish. Due to this, I highly recommend ensuring that you make one during Chapter 2 since you can buy ingredients then.

agnes 6

Sunshine Agnès Chapter 7 – On the first day of Chapter 3, speak to Musha at the Crossbell Cemetery, accessible via the Crossbell Cathedral from Mainz Mountain Path. I believe this is only obtainable right before the final story events that conclude the day.

20230225010531 1

Sunshine Agnès Chapter 8 – On the second day of Chapter 3, speak to Guardsman Dahlia on the roof of Bellguard Gate.

20230225121527 1

Sunshine Agnès Chapter 9 – On the third day of Chapter 3, speak to Deputy Commander Douglas in his office on the second floor of Tangram Gate twice.

20230225213637 1

Sunshine Agnès Chapter 10 – On the first day of Chapter 4, speak to Joey on the roof of Orchis Tower by taking the elevator to the 40th floor.

20230228020346 1

Sunshine Agnès Chapter 11 – On the second day of Chapter 4, talk to Macy in the second-floor right-hand room of the Acacia Apartments on East Street.

20230228181646 1

Sunshine Agnès Chapter 12 – During the Finale, speak to Luka in the Der Ziegel Inn at Mainz Mining Village.

20230303162251 1

Sunshine Agnès Chapter 13 – During the Finale, after the story events at the Booster site, speak to Farrah in room 302 of St. Ursula Medical College.

20230303201551 1

Sunshine Agnès Chapter 14 – During the Finale, obtain 3 of the Kagemaru Hood, Haori, and Sandals. The latter two are bought from the second-floor shops in the Times Department store, while the Hood is an exchange prize at the Barca Casino in the Entertainment District. Exchange them to Jingo at the Neinvalli Exchange shop in the Downtown District under the “Other” category for the final Sunshine Agnès chapter.

If you have every chapter of Sunshine Agnès, you can give them to the Fortune-teller at Hotel Delphina in Mishelam Wonderland in exchange for a Zemurian Ore. This can be used to craft a character’s ultimate weapon via the Gulliaume factory in Crossbell’s Downtown District.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure is releasing for Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games Store, GOG, and Steam at the following times:

  • March 14, 2023 – North America
  • March 17, 2023 – Europe
  • March 24, 2023 – Australia, New Zealand

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The Trails series was confirmed to have sold over 7 million units worldwide.

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