The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie Details Minigames & Daydreams; New Screenshots

Following the latest trailer for The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie, publisher NIS America updated the game’s official website, detailing the various minigames and side events players can anticipate.


The first introduced minigame is “Magical☆Alisa Love Shot.” This story-based 3D rail shooter is its own contained adventure, focusing on alternate versions of several beloved characters, including Alisa Reinford, Altina Orion, and Juna Crowford, on their collective quest as Magical Girls.

Humorously, protagonist Rean Schwarzer is an antagonist of sorts in this scenario. Gameplay comprises rapid standard shots, charged shots to destroy enemy shields, and special shots with unique properties.

Another minigame is “Who Wants to Be a Mirannaire?” Returning from Trails in the Sky 3rd as a minigame hosted by Ouroboros’ Fool, Campanella, Thors Military Academy alumnus Beryl has now taken on the mantle.

This bizarre fortune teller will quiz you on various facets of the Trails series. From basic knowledge, like Zemurian geography, to intricacies, such as family backgrounds, there is quite a bit here to affirm your Trails know-how.

Yet another minigame, or rather, side-scenario, is “Beachside Vay-Cay.” After an employee of Mishelam, Matthew Crawford, also Juna’s father, reaches out to Class VII, the group decides to hang out on the island’s beach.

A couple of minigames are available here: Slaughtermelon Splitting, requiring timed button presses, and Banana Boat, which has Rean ride on the sea with a chosen partner as you maintain balance and collect flags. Further, Intimate Moments can be accessed, where Rean will converse with a girl, and you will have to choose the correct options to keep them engaged. These specific segments are VR-compatible, and it’s also worth noting that a Special Support Section-themed variation of this scenario will be DLC.

The final detailed minigame is “Project Tyrfing.” Professor Makarov of Thors Military Academy is devising a way to link Panzer Soldats with their users, similar to how Awakeners resonated with their Divine Knights during the Civil War and Great Twilight.

These instances enhanced combative performance considerably, so Makarov created a new combat simulator for Rean to help gain data from. Combat is action-based, with you needing to switch between a rifle and a blade for ranged and melee bouts, respectively. Knowing when to evade and embrace defense will also be paramount for victory.

One final element worth elucidating is Daydreams, which we briefly introduced in our previous coverage. These side events obtained from Sealing Stones in the Reverie Corridor detail countless scenarios regarding the lives of the expansive cast. The official website has introduced a few Daydreams, quoted below with accompanying images.

The Fallen Prince

Trails into Reverie 20 1
Follow the disgraced crown prince Cedric as he knocks on Ouroboros’ gate and fights to earn a position as one of its Enforcers.
No one is there to offer him a hand of friendship as he is shamefully defeated during combat training with the Red Constellation. Who could? He has no one to cling to–no one to hide behind.
Despite his lonely predicament, Cedric fights on. For the first time in his life, he walks a path he himself chose.

Unlimited Blade Crafts

Trails into Reverie 19 1
During the latest Summer Festival, Emperor Eugent III jokes that holding a fighting tournament similar to the one in Liberl might be fun. This inspires Prince Olivert to turn it into a reality, and soon enough, fighters from both in and out of the Empire are gathered to participate.
Now Rean and Duvalie the Swift must join forces with other rising stars to face off against a series of legendary combatants. And with opponents like Divine Blades Cassius Bright and Arios MacLaine, the Radiant Blademaster, and the Golden Rakshasa, they’re going to need all the power they can muster if they want to achieve victory.

Ultimate Wilderness Cooking

Trails into Reverie 18 1
The great honor a chef could have is to have their dish grace the tables of Prince Olivert and Lady Scherazard’s royal wedding.
Only those who pass a difficult test can show off their creations and earn this feather in their cap, and Freddy, the greatest (???) chef the branch campus has ever seen, is ready to submit something divine for consideration!
Though his past dishes were wild in every sense of the word, will his latest masterpiece be more of the same, or will it be something unpredictable even by his standards?

St. Astraia’s Violet in Bloom

Trails into Reverie 17 1
Classes have resumed at St. Astraia Girls’ School, and though the disaster that threatened the nation has passed, something rather alarming has set its halls abuzz with gossip. Dubbed the ‘coma incidents,’ six students so far have seemingly fainted without warning, staying in their unwakeable state for at least half a day.
To uncover the truth behind what’s going on and keep it from spreading any further, Student Council president Elise enlists the aid of new Class VII. Juna and Musse don St. Astraia’s uniforms, and together with a mysterious blue-haired beauty, the investigation is on.

One Lucky Stone & One Unlucky Ship

Trails into Reverie 16 1
Merchant extraordinaire Jingo has a problem. Though she was successful in opening a new branch for Neinvalli Exchange in the Imperial capital, expanding her business means she needs a new way of getting around–and the funds to foot the bill–fast.
It’s during yet another day of work, bummed and defeated by her circumstances, that she happens to notice her adorable dog Cerberus has an odd-shaped stone.
“Where’d you pick this thing up, anyway?” she questions as she takes it.
Ever since then, many a strange customer has entered her shop…

A Maiden’s Melancholy

Trails into Reverie 15 1
The chaos of the Great Twilight is no more, and peace has returned to the Empire. However, that peace is shattered when someone using cloaking technology breaks into the offices of the RMP and attempts to steal military information.
Suspecting that the Republic’s Hercules unit and Ouroboros are behind it, Major Rieveldt recruits Sara and Sharon to aid her in tracking down the culprits. All the while, she feels a bewildered, hateful glare boring into her back…

To Your Blessed Future

Trails into Reverie 14 1
At Valflame Palace the day before the royal wedding, Prince Olivert talks about his future with Zechs and Mueller, and Scherazard discusses her misgivings with Empress Priscilla.
The wedded-to-be couple meet afterward to admire the beautiful wedding dress prepared in the traditional style of the royal family, only to find a handwritten note from a certain someone in its place…

Justice a Deux

Trails into Reverie 13 1
You have Inspector Machias Regnitz, a young man visiting Crossbell to oversee the withdrawal of the Imperial army.
You have Alex Dudley, a member of the Crossbell Police Department in command of operations until the official signing of his home’s independence.
And then you have the best damn coffee a cafe could offer. United by their love of getting the same brew before starting their day, this unlikely duo opens an investigation after being dragged into an even more unlikely incident.

The More Things Change

Trails into Reverie 12 1
Once upon a time, Kloe, Lucy, and Lechter attended Jenis Royal Academy and served as members of its Student Council. The three planned to get together over tea before their class reunion in Liberl, but Lechter seems out of sorts despite not having seen his friends for quite some time.
Just as they’re about to reunite, a sudden call from the Intelligence Division pulls him away…

Wishes of a Witch

Trails into Reverie 11 1
After returning to the hidden village of Eryn, Emma finds a note left behind by her mother, Isola, that Roselia had kept in secret.
Believing the note could hold some clue to her mother’s death, she then recruits Celine and Vita, the latter of whom just so happened to be visiting, and the trio set off to a previously unknown Spirit Shrine. What awaits them within?

The Path Chosen

Trails into Reverie 10 1
Now that their term as instructors is up, Randy and Michael are each heading their own way, while Rean has chosen to remain at the campus and continue looking after the future of his students.
As her coworkers each choose the paths they wish to follow, Towa finds herself at a crossroads, unable to decide where she wants to go. The final decision weighs heavily upon her heart as her Thors Military Academy class reunion quickly approaches.

Screenshots of the minigames are viewable via our gallery below:

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie will launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC on July 7, 2023.

Throughout The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie, players will witness the aftermath of The Great Twilight via three stories running in parallel. Crossbell protagonist Lloyd Bannings, Cold Steel protagonist Rean Schwarzer, and the enigmatic new character C are the protagonists of these three routes, and their eventual convergences shall illustrate profound truths.

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