The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie Shares 57 Character Renders & Profiles

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie Shares 57 Character Renders & Profiles

Publisher NIS America has updated the official website for the upcoming localized release of the Nihon Falcom-developed turn-based JRPG, The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie, providing renders and profiles for the vast cast.

Ordinarily, we’d organize a gallery for better viewability, but since the profiles here are quite lengthy, they would look quite sloppy that way. So, we have simply listed the renders and their accompanying profiles.


The Day of Reindependence Crossbell Cast

Lloyd Bannings

lloyd 1

The leader of the Crossbell Police Department’s Special Support Section who has cracked countless cases through his courage and passion for justice.

He became a wanted man when Crossbell was annexed by Erebonia, but along with KeA, a young girl taken in by the CPD, and Arios, an A-rank bracer, he evaded capture and worked toward Crossbell’s independence from the shadows. His lengthy efforts eventually paid off, and after two and a half years, he successfully reopened the Special Support Section and brought back its founding members.

Now surrounded by the jubilant cries of fellow Crossbellans as they rejoice in the return of the SSS, Lloyd is counting down the days until his beloved home will be recognized as an autonomous state once more.

Elie MacDowell


The Special Support Section’s second-in-command and the granddaughter of Crossbell’s Speaker MacDowell who is blessed with brains and beauty in equal measure.

When Crossbell was annexed, her first steps were to find some way of freeing it again, taking advantage of her years studying abroad and keen political insight to work with Imperial VIPs and the Reinford Group.

Upon Crossbell’s freedom being reclaimed, she chose to split her time between her position in the SSS and matters of diplomacy. She hopes her work as a secretary will help her grandfather further along with preparations for Crossbell’s highly anticipated signing ceremony.

Tio Plato


A young, bright researcher for the Crossbell branch of the Epstein Foundation and a member of the Special Support Section.

Tio was kept under heavy observation by the Imperial Intelligence Division during Crossbell’s occupation, limiting her movements drastically. Yet even with the situation as it was, she remained dogged in her desire to support her fellow SSS companions. This desire helped her make contact with new and old Class VII members from Erebonia, as well as spark particularly close friendships with engineers like the Reinford Group’s Alisa Reinford and Liberlian foreign exchange student Tita Russell.

Upon Crossbell’s freedom being reclaimed, she resumed her duties as a member of the SSS. She has also continued to blossom as a researcher in orbal tech, working in tandem with industry giants like Zeiss Central Factory and the Reinford Group to engineer a better tomorrow.

Randy Orlando


The reliable older brother figure of the Special Support Section who was once a jaeger in the Red Constellation.

The machinations of Rufus Albarea forcibly separated him from his companions, and he was sent to work as an instructor at Thors Military Academy’s branch campus. In a strange twist of fate, however, this move helped him form deep ties with a number of Imperials, including those in new and old Class VII.

Upon Crossbell’s freedom being reclaimed, he decided to finish his term as an instructor before returning home. Though it was difficult to leave his now-loved position of raising the next generation, the SSS simply wouldn’t be the same without him.

Noel Seeker


A soldier specializing in heavy weaponry and driving who is expected to become the next ace of the Crossbell Guardian Force.

She developed a strong bond with the members of the Special Support Section during her short time with them and helped them solve a number of difficult cases. Even after Crossbell’s occupation, she continued to support them from the shadows, secretly engaging in resistance activities with other CGF volunteers and gathering intel on the movements of the Imperial military.

Upon Crossbell’s freedom being reclaimed, the CGF was reorganized, and she was promoted from sergeant major to second lieutenant. With the day of the signing ceremony fast approaching, she happily continues to fulfill her orders as a soldier under the direction of Commander Baelz.

Wazy Hemisphere


A mystifying young man whose androgynous appearance never fails to draw the eye. He also bears the title of Sapphire Testament as the Ninth Dominion of the Gralsritter.

He hid his true nature for a time while working various avenues in Crossbell, gathering and guiding a gang of young men called the Testaments while assisting the Special Support Section.

Upon Crossbell’s freedom being reclaimed, he left to travel to various countries and fulfill his role as a Dominion. Now with new allies by his side, he has returned to the city that stole his heart to represent the Septian Church for the signing ceremony.

Rixia Mao

A quiet, polite girl working as a performer at the Crossbell theater Arc en Ciel.

Her true identity is Yin, a legendary assassin from Calvard who wields a massive blade larger than herself.

She was searching for her own path while fulfilling her duties as Yin and through her interactions with Arc en Ciel, the Special Support Section and the people of Crossbell, she made the choice to pursue the life of a performer.

Alongside her beloved fellow performer Ilya, the woman who saw her talents and recruited her for Arc en Ciel, she now spends her days training for a big show the theater will put on in celebration of the upcoming signing ceremony.

Lost Symbol Cast

Rean Schwarzer


The son of Ymir’s House Schwarzer. His many accomplishments range from inheriting the Seventh Form of the Eight Leaves One Blade style to being known far and wide as the Ashen Chevalier, but perhaps his greatest pride is that of being Class VII’s homeroom instructor at Thors Military Academy’s branch campus.

His battle against the curse threatening to undermine the Empire, the Great Twilight, was so intense that even he lost himself for a time. It was through the tireless aid of new and old Class VII, his many comrades, and the Divine Knight Valimar that he was able to pull through and free the land of the ultimate evil at last.

Upon the Great Twilight’s end, Rean threw himself back into his work at the branch campus. Yet the request of a certain individual has inspired him to take a trip back to his hometown…

Juna Crawford


The plucky de-facto leader of new Class VII and a prideful Crossbellan with a strong sense of justice.

Juna’s optimism as disaster loomed over the Empire became a great pillar for both new and old Class VII, and when her instructor needed rescuing from the pits of despair, she rose to save him with admirable haste.

Upon the Great Twilight’s end, she left the Empire to aid the Special Support Section with Crossbell’s long-awaited liberation. However, instead of resuming her studies at the police academy upon its success, she rejoined Class VII at the branch campus to better watch over future relations between Erebonia and Crossbell.

Kurt Vander


The handsome second son of House Vander and a masterful wielder of their dual-blade style.

Once feeling lost after his family was dismissed as guardians of the Erebonian royal family, he was able to grow immensely as an individual with the help of his instructor and classmates. Their support also gave him the strength to emotionally confront and cross blades against the one he used to protect, Prince Cedric, and see him as a fellow man, friend, and rival.

Upon the Great Twilight’s end, he chose to remain in Class VII with the intent of studying the literary and military arts until graduation. This decision has, unfortunately, given rise to new internal strife; with his desire to improve himself at the forefront of all else, he is starting to see his own limitations just as much as he is seeing how much further his peers can go.

Altina Orion


An artificial human created by the Gnomes who was dispatched to Thors Military Academy by the Intelligence Division.

Though she once had great trouble expressing her feelings, her time spent with Class VII not only helped her to blossom into an emotional, warm soul, but also to see fellow artificial human Millium as a dear sister.

Upon the Great Twilight’s end, the Railway Military Police and Intelligence Division suffered massive restructuring due to the Empire reducing its military might, allowing Altina to return to the branch campus as a simple, ordinary student. With her work as an agent now behind her, what could possibly weigh heavily upon her heart as she accompanies her instructor to his hometown of Ymir…?

Musse Egret


A bewitching girl whose charming mannerisms and bright mind are more than fitting for the next duchess of the Four Great Houses’ leader, House Cayenne.

Her observational skills are as such that she can predict future events with astonishing accuracy, the world war included. Willing to put her life on the line for what she knew was to come, she secretly joined forces with Vita Clotilde to make preparations, led the Weissland Army to oppose the Imperial government, and became a major player on an international scale.

Upon the Great Twilight’s end, she resumed her life as a student at the branch campus. With only a short time left till she must assume her role as Duchess Cayenne, she only hopes to enjoy her life as Musse, an ordinary girl, to the fullest.

Ash Carbide

ash 1

A student at the Thors Military Academy branch campus whose rough-around-the-edges nature belies a multi-talented genius.

Upon a tragic event in his childhood, the curse of the Empire infected his left eye, eventually pushing him to commit the grave sin of shooting none other than Emperor Eugent III. Though heavy with guilt from the inescapable act, encouraging words from his fellow Class VII members inspired him to atone and fight the curse till the very end.

Upon the Great Twilight’s end, Ash was freed from the curse’s effects and returned to the branch campus to continue his studies. Though he’s seen some promising progress, he is beginning to worry about his future prospects and what kind of path a person with his past can possibly walk.

The Miserable Sinners



A mysterious figure who veils their true face beneath a mask while dominating the battlefield with splendid swordplay.

Though they use the same moniker as the man who once led the Imperial Liberation Front, the terrorist organization that sparked a civil war within the Empire’s borders, this C uses a different disguise and weapon, leaving no clues as to their identity.

C appears to be independently investigating the shady movements of the IDF under the command of Governor-General Rufus Albarea.

Swin Abel


A former assassin who wields two custom blades of different lengths to adapt and overwhelm in any close-combat situation.

While normally a cool and rational sort, he is often strung along by his more lively traveling companion and partner, Nadia. Her words and actions are a constant source of consternation.

He and Nadia fled the very organization that raised them to kill, and they have spent their days avoiding those in pursuit of their lives ever since.

Nadia Rayne


A former assassin skilled in mid-to-long-range combat, her wide variety of weapons secured within her oversized plush bear.

On the surface, she comes across as languid and lacking in motivation, but in reality, she possesses incredible analytical abilities and can easily deceive opponents with her cute looks and acting talents.

While on the run from the organization, she and Swin received a request from a certain individual to transport a mysterious suitcase.

Lapis Rosenberg


A petite Rosenberg doll made to resemble a human girl.

Though she has no memories, she has a strong sense of self and a vibrant personality to accompany her perfect construction. She takes great pride in being such a high-quality Rosenberg doll, so she works very hard to present herself with an air of elegance worthy of the name. This, unfortunately, is often undercut by endearing bouts of absentmindedness.

After meeting Swin, Nadia, and C following a series of events, she chose to travel with them in hopes of unlocking her memories and discovering her purpose.

The Emperor


A central pillar to a certain organization who took his regal alias of his own accord.

He sees those who work under him as tools to be used as he sees fit–and any who dare to flee are punished with nothing less than death. His weapons of choice are golden relics that manipulate gravity, using them with delight to crush the bodies of his enemies.

He is currently searching for two runaways who are hiding among an unidentified third party.

Round of Seven

Alisa Reinford


The heiress of the Reinford Group, the Empire’s largest heavy industries company, and a member of Class VII.

With the Gnomes’ appearance during the Great Twilight, she was forced to face both her mother and her maid as enemies. Her determination brought them both back to her side, however, and she even managed a miraculous encounter with her late father, Franz Reinford, in the process.

After the disaster passed, not only did she work harder than ever as the head of Reinford’s 4th Development Division, she is also helped with any necessary cleanup to promote Crossbell’s independence–the dismantling of Tangram Gate being one such example. This has sparked an even greater friendship between herself and Elie of the Special Support Section, whom she met when Crossbell was entangled with the Empire.

Laura S. Arseid


The daughter of House Arseid, known far and wide for their swordsmanship, who mastered their storied techniques at just nineteen years old. She is also a member of Class VII.

While serving as an assistant instructor, she traveled to various martial arts schools across the Empire, occasionally stepping in to assist Rean and his students in the new Class VII. She also at one point crossed swords with her own father, who became an enemy through the Great Twilight’s influence, and triumphed.

After the disaster passed, she continued to travel and refine her swordsmanship, desiring to live as a true martial artist who brings no shame to her blade.

Elliot Craig


The son of the Imperial Army’s fierce Craig the Red, a genius musician, and a member of Class VII.

He became a professional musician after graduating from both Thors Military Academy and the Imperial Music Academy, and while searching for ways to guide people down a peaceful path through his harmonious playing, supported Rean and new Class VII in their missions.

After the disaster passed, he resumed his musical tour across the Empire, his goal of uplifting the people remaining ever the same. His talents have also garnered quite a bit of attention as the young, new music instructor at St. Astraia Girls’ School.

Machias Regnitz


The son of Carl Regnitz, provisional representative of the Imperial government, a bright and dedicated government inspector, and a member of Class VII.

Due to his experiences at Thors Military Academy and the Erebonian civil war, he elected to cut short his studies at a political academy and join the Government Accountability Inspectorate. From there, he faced many setbacks during the Great Twilight, like the nullification of his job with National Mobilization Law and tensions against his father, but he continued to follow his personal sense of justice and stood as a guardian of the law until the very end.

After the disaster passed, he took a lead role as an inspector to the newly liberated Crossbell, spending his days deepening his ties with the locals while working tirelessly to fulfill his duties.

Jusis Albarea


The second son of House Albarea, one of the Four Great Houses, the acting duke of the Kreuzen province, and a member of Class VII.

As the representative of his family in place of his father, who fell from grace during the civil war, he did an exemplary job of supporting the citizens in the eastern part of the Empire. He also faced off against his brother, Rufus, who walked down an unjust path in his disillusionment with his family’s disgraceful politics. Jusis came out the victor, bringing an end to a long-standing feud between the two.

After the disaster passed, he continued acting as the very personification of ‘noblesse oblige,’ working with fellow nobles across the Empire in hopes of forging a fine future for their country’s people. It is during these continued efforts that an incident inspires him to aid Rean…

Emma Millstein


A descendant of the ancient Hexen Clan and a member of Class VII.

Though she lost her mother at a young age, she has the elder of the witches, Roselia, as a grandmother figure, and Vita Clotilde as an older sister figure. She revealed her true nature as a witch during the Erebonian civil war, then continued to support her friends with her impactful orbal arts.

After the disaster passed, she and her familiar traveled across the continent to investigate the septium veins of Zemuria, the source of so very many anomalies in recent years.

Fie Claussell


A young bracer with extraordinary physical prowess and a member of Class VII.

Once a jaeger with the Zephyr corps, it was only after meeting the bracer Sara Valestein and spending time at Thors Military Academy that she changed her course and got her bracer license. The Great Twilight filled her with renewed conviction about her chosen path when she witnessed the death of the man who once raised her as his daughter, Rutger.

After the disaster passed, she began climbing the ranks of the Bracer Guild as ‘Sylphid,’ her old nickname from her jaeger days. Many have high hopes for her as a rising star.

Gaius Worzel


A Nord native, a Dominion of the Septian Church, and a member of Class VII.

He is a natural caretaker as the eldest of four siblings, and his ability to view any situation without prejudice makes him a trustworthy, reliable companion to his friends. His responsibilities only grew after graduating from Thors, when he inherited his Stigma and took his place as the Eighth Dominion, the Roaring Phoenix. He then used his newfound abilities to stand against the disastrous Great Twilight threatening the Empire.

After the disaster passed, he and Zeo traveled across Zemuria while he fulfilled his role as a Gralsritter. A certain something occurring in the Empire, however, has prompted him to track down clues in his home of Nord…

Millium Orion


A peppy and innocent artificial human created by the Gnomes, sister to Altina, and a member of Class VII.

As an Erebonian Intelligence Division agent under the codename White Rabbit, she used her position as much as possible to aid new Class VII. She also tragically lost her life to the shady machinations of the Gnomes, but through the cooperation of the witches and one final gift from the saintly Arianrhod and the Divine Knights, she was given a new body.

After the disaster passed, she continued her work as an agent anew, living each day with all the energy she had before and then some.

Crow Armbrust


A laid-back youth and former Thors Military Academy student who studied alongside Towa, Angelica, and George before becoming a member of Class VII.

In order take revenge against Chancellor Osborne for his part in occupying Crow’s hometown, Jurai, he adopted the alias C and led the terrorist organization known as the Imperial Liberation Front. Though he lost his life fighting with Rean and his comrades during the Erebonian civil war, he was later brought back as an Immortal by the Black Workshop. This had sapped him of his humanity, but it was restored due to the miraculous power of the Sept-Terrion.

After the disaster passed, he returned to Jurai for a short time. It wasn’t long after his arrival, however, that he heard about a new, mysterious C leading a so-called Reborn Imperial Liberation Front and decided to investigate…

Sara Valestein


A gorgeous yet slovenly drunkard, a skilled A-rank bracer known as the Purple Lightning, and the former instructor of Class VII.

Born in North Ambria, she lost her parents to war and was raised instead by Colonel Valestein, founder of the Northern Jaegers. She never did return to her jaeger ways, however, instead going into bracer work, which she resumed after leaving her position as an instructor.

After the disaster passed, she continued giving her all to her duties across the Zemuria–her new coworker Fie, those from the reopened Crossbell branch, and many more bracers working just as hard at her side.

Trails to Walk and Daydreams Characters

Rufus Albarea


The eldest son of House Albarea and the former primary member of the Ironbloods serving under Giliath Osborne.

Leaving behind the deceitful nobility of Erebonia, he sought to gather enough power to surpass even the likes of Osborne, the man he saw as his true father.

It was during the disastrous Great Twilight that he even discarded his own humanity in his pursuit of victory, and yet he met defeat at the hands of old and new Class VII. He was forced to admit the difference between his own lack of trust in his fellow man and the bonds of faith forged by his younger brother, Jusis, and his allies, accepting his loss with grace.

After Osborne’s death, he was arrested as an Ironblood in order to take responsibility for the many sins committed by the group. That was the hope, at least…

Dieter Crois


The former president of the International Bank of Crossbell (IBC), inheritor of the alchemical secrets of the ancient Crois lineage, and father to the Third Anguis of Ouroboros, Mariabell.

He was willing to use any means necessary to enforce his own version of justice, including becoming president of Crossbell and controlling the Sept-Terrion of Zero, in pursuit of Crossbell’s independence. He was later arrested as an international criminal by the members of the Special Support Section.

Now in a jail cell, it appears that the Imperial occupation of Crossbell and the subsequent world war brought on by the Great Twilight has caused him to reconsider his concept of justice.


Agate Crosner


A reliable A-rank bracer with an indomitable spirit called the Heavy Blade. Known for his massive sword and ability to get the job done no matter the difficulty, he was a key figure in resolving a major incident that occurred in his home kingdom.

After entering Erebonia as a bracer, he lent his aid to the Thors branch campus and new Class VII whenever they needed it. He also stood with his longtime companions, like Estelle, against the Great Twilight.

He has an unbreakable bond with Tita, a girl he’s looked after since they first met years ago. He even continued to support her engineering experiments while working as a bracer. Of course, her overprotective mother was less than pleased by this development, and she has since gone out of her way to give him no shortage of (life-threatening) headaches.

Tita Russell


A Liberlian native who studied abroad in Thors Military Academy’s Class IX. Her grandfather, Professor Russell, was one of Professor Epstein’s three disciples.

Her innocent demeanor belies a sharp and stable mind, while the skills she’s polished as a Russell have gained her the approval of the ever-strict Professor G. Schmidt, whom she now studies under as his fourth disciple.

She bravely rode into the front lines during the Great Twilight using her newly developed Orbal Gear III. Between this and all the knowledge she gained over the years, she stood firm in supporting old and new Class VII till the very end.

After the disaster passed, she returned to the branch campus and, with Agate’s full support, has been working with the Reinford Company and Epstein Foundation to focus on developing the next Orbal Gear.

Professor G. Schmidt


One of Professor Epstein’s three disciples, a genius orbal scientist, and a special advisor at Thors Military Academy’s branch campus.

He possesses the harsh and demanding demeanor of a master craftsman, but behind his cutting words lies a genuine concern for his second disciple, Makarov, and his third disciple, George. He is also not so harsh as to dismiss the incredible growth of his fourth disciple, Tita.

He is currently collaborating with the Reinford Company to investigate the ruins of the Black Workshop, looking for a way to prevent further disasters brought on by the autonomous weapons it forged and left in its wake.

Lechter Arundel


A secretary for the Imperial government and a talented major in its Intelligence Division.

Originally an Ironblood, his laid-back front yet ruthless negotiating earned him the nickname ‘Scarecrow.’ He became Osborne’s pawn during the disastrous Great Twilight and was ready to take his own life to atone for his failure, but Rean and company convinced him to return to the Intelligence Division to support the Empire’s future.

Now his gut, which has never let him down before, is telling him that a new threat looms over Zemuria. This has led him to the newly liberated Crossbell…

Fran Seeker


An officer who works as a receptionist and operator at the Crossbell Police Department. Her older sister is Noel of the Crossbell Guardian Force.

She has looked up to Noel since they were children, and the two could not be more different: her older sister is athletic and loves vehicles, whereas she loves collecting plushies and accessorizing. Still, the two are the very picture of loving siblings, often going out of town on their days off and enjoying each other’s company.

She is also very skilled at her job and has done well in supporting the Special Support Section however she can.

Now that Crossbell is free, she now greatly looks forward to the return of peaceful days spent with her dear sister.

Shizuku Maclaine


The only daughter of Arios MacLaine, an A-rank bracer known as the guardian of Crossbell.

Brave and kind, she loves her father dearly and gets along well with her Crosbellan peers, KeA included.

Due to a truck explosion when she was younger, Shizuku lost her sight and required regular treatment at St. Ursula Medical College. However, her sight was returned to her when KeA was awakened as the Zero Child.

During Crossbell’s occupation, she was sent to Remiferia by her father to keep her hidden from the Imperial military. Yet even then, she continued to send letters of encouragement to Lloyd and KeA, who were continuing their activities from the shadows in Crossbell.



The Elder of the Hexen Clan, who is over 800 years old, is Celine’s creator and a grandmother figure to Emma and Vita.

Her true nature is akin to a Holy Beast under the Goddess Aidios, much like the Divine Wolf Zeit who watches over Crossbell. Despite her lofty positions, however, she loves modern culture, junk food, and living in a manner quite unbecoming of her–which has earned her numerous scoldings from Emma.

When the Great Twilight ended, she confirmed that the anomalies in the spirit veins across the continent had been resolved. This marked the end of her work as elder of the Hexen Clan…or did it?



Emma’s talking familiar and supervisor in the form of a black cat.

Having been created by the elder of the Hexen Clan, her magic is highly potent, allowing her to even take on a human form at will.

She grew close with Rean in her cat form while lingering around Thors Military Academy’s campus, then later became his support as he piloted his Divine Knight. She protected him through countless predicaments, including when he was offered up as a sacrificial pawn during the Great Twilight.

After the disaster passed, she returned to Eryn Village for a short while before embarking once again to investigate the spirit veins across Zemuria.

Elise Schwarzer


Rean’s little sister through adoption, daughter of House Schwarzer, and the current Student Council president at St. Astraia Girls’ School.

She became good friends with Princess Alfin when they first met in St. Astraia’s middle school section–and their friendship has only grown stronger with each passing year.

She also loves and trusts Rean dearly, her feelings for him going beyond what a blood-related sibling’s would, and has supported him firmly from the sidelines throughout the Erebonian civil war and Great Twilight.

After the disaster passed, she returned to her duties as Student Council president. However, determined not to bring shame to her family as the younger sister of the famed Ashen Chevalier, she has begun studying the Vander sword under Lady Aurier Vander as well.

Alfin Reise Arnor


A mischievous soul who also happens to be the daughter of Emperor Eugent III, making her princess of Erebonia.

While simply curious about old Class VII in the beginning as Elise’s best friend, she has since crossed paths with them many times as a royal. Their support has become invaluable to her, having witnessed countless tragedies during the civil war and Great Twilight, and helped her persevere into a strong, true individual.

She continues to worry about her twin brother, Cedric, who vanished after the Great Twilight, but her main focus is putting out the fires still raging across the Empire. Come what may, she fully intends to continue facing her citizens openly and honestly as their princess.

Wald Wales


A heroic knight of the Septian Church who serves as Wazy’s squire.

He was once the head of a violent gang of punks known as the Saber Vipers. However, his demeanor was changed after his demonization by the drug Gnosis and his subsequent treatment in the Holy City of Arteria.

Though much was working against him, he was able to pull through his treatment and studies at the church until he was accepted as a squire.

He may have a much calmer disposition compared to before, but he hasn’t completely forgotten the conflict-hungry spirit he had in his gangster days, and he still very much sees Wazy as a rival.

Garcia Rossi


A giant of a man known as the Killing Bear due to his love of pure clashes of power through hand-to-hand combat.

He grew up in the underworld from an early age, traveling between the Zephyr corps and the Revache mafia. He also faced off against Cao Lee and Heiyue in a violent gang war.

Though these incidents paint him as simply one who has committed countless sins throughout his life, he does have some semblance of humanity along with his own sense of justice, to a point where even an officer of the law like Lloyd feels he can trust him.

During Crossbell’s struggle for independence in 1204, he lit a fire under Lloyd, who had been imprisoned by the Crossbell Defense Force, and helped him escape. He then turned himself in willingly, choosing to atone for his crimes in prison.



A knight who serves as head of the Stahlritter under Ouroboros. She earned the title ‘Duvalie the Swift’ thanks to her lightning-fast sword techniques.

When unsettled by the movements within Ouroboros, she left her position to seek proper answers from her lord, Arianrhod, even joining up with Rean and Class VII for a time as they fought against her comrades. Through spending time with Class VII and hearing her lord’s true intentions in her last moments, Duvalie managed to grow both as a warrior and as a woman.

After the disaster passed, she returned to Ouroboros. However, she became determined to lead the Stahlritter in a manner she believed was just, regardless of the faction it belonged to. This led her to Crossbell, where, clad in armor once more, she faced off against some soldiers plotting in the shadows…

Claire Rieveldt


A major in the Railway Military Police and a former member of the Ironbloods.

She owed a great life debt to Chancellor Osborne and acted ruthlessly as his pawn during the great disaster that swept over the Empire, standing against new and old Class VII. Upon her defeat, she was even prepared to take her life. She instead, however, returned to the RMP, which severed ties with the government, to help rebuild her nation.

With her freedom currently restricted by the RMP, she has thrown herself into work, still blaming herself wholly for the decisions she made.

KeA Bannings


An innocent young girl loved by all those around her. She is like family to the members of the Special Support Section; her bonds with them are pure and unbreakable.

Though she has the appearance of a person, in reality, she is a homunculus created by alchemists 500 years ago.

During the conflict surrounding Crossbell’s push for independence, she was awakened as the Sept-Terrion of Zero and had the ability to manipulate causality. Her captors planned to use her for their goals, but before that could happen, she was rescued through the Special Support Section’s efforts and gave up her power in return for freedom.

She has returned to living an ordinary life under the collective care of the SSS, though enough of her power remains that she can still perceive the flow of causality.

Alex Dudley

An elite detective of the Crossbell Police Department’s First Division.

His cold and strict demeanor belies a passionate heart and strong sense of justice, causing many fellow officers to see him as something of a role model.

Though he was skeptical of the Special Support Section at first, after working alongside them in countless incidents, he came to accept them as fellow officers of the law.

Even with Crossbell liberated, he still has his hands full with his work in the First Division, handling the cleanup after the dismantling of the IDF, the restructuring of the Crossbell military and police, and the preparations for the signing ceremony that will mark Crossbell’s reindependence.



A superb officer in the Crossbell Guardian Force, commanding countless soldiers under the direction of Commander Baelz.

During Crossbell’s occupation, she worried endlessly about the safety of her former coworker Randy, who had been assigned as an instructor at Thors Military Academy’s branch campus in the Empire. Still, she continued working to form a resistance with other CGF members and conduct anti-Imperial activities across her home.

After the liberation of Crossbell, she was promoted from second to first lieutenant. She was also able to rest easier with Randy finishing his tenure and returning home–though the two are still as incapable as ever of holding a conversation without things devolving into petty squabbles.

Cao Lee


An executive of Heiyue, a crime syndicate based in the Calvard Republic, though he also acts as the branch manager of the private Heiyue Trading Company. He is known for making use of his lithe build and mastery of Eastern martial arts in battle, earning him the nickname White Orchid Dragon.

Though he outwardly seems to focus only on improving Heiyue’s profits, through his dealings in the shadows, leaking of information to the police, negotiations with opposing organizations, and more, he has gained the recognition of its elders as one of its most intelligent members. No matter the situation, he seems to handle it with flawless logic.

With the major shift in global powers following the fall of the Blood and Iron Chancellor, Giliath Osborne, and the retirement of President Rocksmith, he appears to be concerned about the future path Heiyue should take. But is his consternation simply yet another front?

Renne Bright

renne 2

A diabolical young girl gifted with incredible intelligence and adaptability who attends Jenis Royal Academy in Liberl. Though she once served as Enforcer No. XV of Ouroboros, the Angel of Slaughter, she left the society and was adopted into the Bright family as Estelle and Joshua’s younger sister.

After losing contact with her dear friend Tita during the great disaster that overshadowed the land, she accompanied her older siblings into the Empire and lent her aid to old and new Class VII, as well as the Hexen Clan.

After the disaster passed, she returned to her life as a student in Liberl for a time. However, after receiving a message from Jeorg Rosenberg, someone she has been close to since her days in Ouroboros, she decided to head to Crossbell, a very specific goal in her sights.

Erika Russell


A professor from Liberl’s Zeiss Central Factory and the mother of Tita Russell, a foreign exchange student studying at the Thors branch campus.

Her father is the genius Professor Albert Russell, one of Epstein’s three disciples and father of the Orbal Revolution. Incredible as he is, however, her unique creativity and natural instincts with her research have sparked rumors that she may one day surpass him as an orbal researcher.

Her extreme devotion to Tita and firecracker personality have contributed to her dislike of Agate, who she sees as a rival for her daughter’s affections.



A Holy Beast who has been watching over the path walked by the people of Crossbell since ancient times. Some refer to him as the divine wolf of legends.

He joined the Special Support Section in 1204 to help put an end to the mafia’s monster attacks. He has acted as a loyal police dog to his comrades through many incidents since then, including the Schwarze Auction and the Crossbell cult incident.

Why he seemed to vanish just before the disastrous Great Twilight struck Erebonia is anyone’s guess.

Ilya Platiere


The top star of Arc en Ciel, known as the Fervent Dancer for her powerful charisma and passionate performances.

She was once severely injured in an attack from the Red Constellation’s jaeger corps and was thought to be permanently immobilized; yet through state-of-the-art treatment at St. Ursula and steady rehabilitation, which she undertook with gusto, she was able to make a full recovery and take the stage once more.

Though rehabilitation left a gap in her activities that would pain any artist, her beloved Arc en Ciel was never off her mind. Now that she is well, she is that much more inspired to put her all into Crossbell’s upcoming celebratory performance–to a point where fellow performers Sully and Rixia are worried she’s pushing herself much too hard.

Arios Maclaine


An A-rank bracer representing Crossbell and master of the Eight Leaves, One Blade school’s second form, Gale.

Known as the Divine Blade of Wind, he enjoys immense popularity among the citizens of Crossbell and supporters of the Bracer Guild all across the continent. He once served in the Crossbell Police Department, but after a tragic event occurred during a secret conflict between Erebonia and Crossbell, he retired and threw himself into bracer work to bury his sorrows.

In 1204, he crossed swords with the Special Support Section, as they opposed his faction in Crossbell’s push for independence. After this, he resumed his activities in the Bracer Guild, but his desire and efforts to see his home free never faded.

Matteus Vander


The famed Thunder God of House Vander, who has guarded the Imperial family for generations, as well as the head of the Vander school of swordsmanship. His two sons are Mueller and Kurt.

He is a man of few words, and his stiff, taciturn manner sometimes gives people the wrong impression of him. To those who know him well, however, he is an exemplary man to be admired.

As the signing ceremony in Crossbell draws near, he has been behaving rather out of character. Just why is he reaching out to Major Claire Rieveldt of the Railway Military Police, and what mysterious instructions has he issued to the disciples of the Vander school…?

Aurier Vander


Matteus Vander’s second wife and the mother of Kurt, a student in new Class VII. She is skilled enough in battle to be known as the Stormwatcher, and she serves as head instructor at various Vander schools across the Empire.

When disaster overshadowed the Empire, she, with Zechs and Mueller Vander at her side, wielded her naginata to cut a path for new and old Class VII, facing down the Black Workshop’s Zauber Soldats and countless other foes.

For the most part, she is a graceful and dignified figure, but she also has an absolutely merciless side to her when training students. This has earned her a reputation among them as being even more frightening than her imposing husband.

Dr. F Novartis


The Sixth Anguis of Ouroboros and a mad scientist who oversees the development of its weapons in the Thirteen Factories.

Though he is a genius, he has no interest in anything beyond his own research. Even other members of the society see his actions as being in poor taste as he heartlessly mocks and belittles others.

He has scattered archaisms across Zemuria and sent three Aions into test battles–among many other experiments–to support Ouroboros’ machinations.

Lastly, Crossbell State, the Special Support Section, Erebonian Empire, and the Thors Military Academy received summations:

Crossbell State

crossbell 1

A state centered around a massive city established in trade and sandwiched between the Erebonian Empire and the Calvard Republic.

Despite mounting pressure from both sides, it held its own well, managing to preserve its autonomy for around seventy years. Only in 1205 was it annexed by the Empire and turned into a province.

When the war that shook the continent between Erebonia, Calvard, and surrounding nations came to an end, the Imperial Army was ordered to withdraw from Crossbell. Forces under Crossbell’s governor general during its occupation ignored the order and continued to occupy the city for some time, but Crossbell was eventually liberated due in no small part to the efforts of its people and the Special Support Section.

Now, in the year 1207, just over years since it was forced under the thumb of a greater power, Crossbell is planning to formalize its autonomy with the approval of Arteria.

Crossbell Police Department – Special Support Section

sss 1

A specialized unit organized by the peacekeepers of Crossbell, the Crossbell Police Department, to rival the activities of the Bracer Guild.

Though originally mocked as nothing more than a publicity stunt, the unit was able to prove its worth and gain the trust of the people by solving several major incidents in the city.

After Crossbell was occupied by the Empire, the CPD was restructured into the Crossbell Military Police and the SSS formally disbanded. Yet through the continued efforts of Lloyd and his companions, Crossbell was liberated once more, and the military police reverted to being the CPD and Crossbell Guardian Force. Many former officers and soldiers resumed their positions during this period.

Finally, the decision was made to also revive the Special Support Section with its original staff of Lloyd Bannings, Elie MacDowell, Tio Plato, and Randy Orlando, all of whom were eager to serve again under Chief Sergei.

The Erebonian Empire


A massive, longstanding nation situated in western Zemuria whose emblem is a golden stallion.

With all its land under the influence of the disastrous Great Twilight, Erebonia ignited a war grand enough to drag in surrounding countries. It was only through the efforts of the Weissland Army, Prince Olivert, who rose from the dead to pilot the Radiant Wings, and Class VII that the Empire was finally led toward peace.

After the ceasefire, it was announced that Emperor Eugent III had recovered from his assassination attempt. He then wasted no time in recalling the forces that were deployed to Crossbell and the Calvard Republic.

With none more fitting for the role, Governor Regnitz took the place of the Blood and Iron Chancellor as the provisional head of the Imperial government. Together with the royal family and the Four Great Houses, he now strives to repair the public opinion of his home with both its citizens and foreign powers.

Thors Military Academy


A storied military academy steeped in tradition that was founded over 200 years ago by Emperor Dreichels, father of the Empire’s revival.

Established in the year 1206, its branch campus was intended to be a somewhat inauspicious place to send instructors and students who failed to follow the will of the government. Yet due to the valorous activities of its body before and after the war, it has become publicly praised and accepted, allowing it to continue operations for the foreseeable future.

With the Empire’s military being diminished following the war, the necessity for Soldat training for students has greatly risen; the threat of Panzer Soldats left over from the war being used as weapons is never far from the country’s mind.

Trails into Reverie 4

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure is releasing for Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via the Epic Games Store, GOG, and Steam at the following times:

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