The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie – 100% Guide

The following is a guide for The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie, which is just about complete. Every fish, recipe, bonus RP opportunity, and book location are listed across each route.

Every missable character note, meaning those not obtained from Daydreams or the main story, are also listed here.

UPDATE: I have made a complete treasure chest guide for this game. Check it out here if you want to ensure you don’t miss any. Since opened treasure chests don’t carry over to New Game+, you’ll want to keep on the lookout.

More specific guides are listed below:

The line breaks in the guide below indicate when I switched routes since there is player freedom in that regard.


Crossbell Times Independence Issue Special EditionLloyd Act I – Buy from Tallys on West Street or Southwark General Store in the Central Plaza Department Store.

3 Free Independence Rolls obtained by talking to Oscar in Morges bakery on West Street – Lloyd Act 1

Moonless Morn Chapters 1 & 2 bought from Southwark General Store in Central Plaza Department Store – Lloyd Act 1

Impromptu Potato Salad Recipe – Speak to Eric in Garante Jazz Bar in the Entertainment District – Lloyd Act 1

Blazing Mapo Tofu Recipe – Speak to Finn in Long Lao Tavern & Inn on East Street – Lloyd Act 1

Custom Handle for Fishing – Bought from Fishing Guild on East Street by talking to Salem – Lloyd Act 1

Catch Kasagin Fish at Harbor District – Lloyd Act 1

+3 Bonus RP for lowering Boss health by 40% at the end of Lloyd Act 1


Buy Agilitaran Leader for Fishing, Moonless Morn Chapters 3 & 4 in Plover Goods & Souveniers – Rean Act 1

Tri-Color Onigiri Recipe automatically obtained from Valley’s Echo Tavern – Rean Act 1

Snow Crab & Carp Fishes can be caught at Ymir Valley 1 Fishing Spot – Rean Act 1

Lower Boss health to the specified amount for a + 3 Bonus RPRean Act 1

Defeat Boss within 30 turns to get + 5 Bonus RPRean Act 1


Fruitful Pancakes Recipe – Leica District -Buy it from Nancy in the Lucien Art Cafe – Rean Act 2

Go to the Heimdallr Catacombs from the Imperial Museum in the Leica District to defeat an Optional Boss; Get 5,000 Mira & 5 RPRean Act 2

Got the Private Home in the Leica District and speak to Emily and Theresia for Character NotesRean Act 2

Buy the Imperial Chronicle Special Issue from Chris the Newsboy on Vainquer Street – Rean Act 2

Moonless Morn Chapters 5 & 6 bought from Plaza Bifrost Department Store on Vainquer Street – Speak to Natal at Alterna book store – Rean Act 2

Speak to Alan and Bridget on the second floor of the Plaza Bifrost Department Store on Vainquer Street for Character NotesRean Act 2

  • You’ll gain +3 RP if you have spoken to Alan, Bridget, Emily, and Theresia.

Catch the Red Perch Fish at Dreichels Plaza – Rean Act 2

Very Berry Ice Cream Recipe – Talk to Jasmine at the Ice Cream & Crepe stand at Dreichels Plaza – Rean Act 2

Buy the Lakelord OFR rod from the Lakelord Company in the Leica District (only seems to appear after a bit of story progress is made from where you’re initially able to enter the store) – Rean Act 2

Fresh-Squeezed Juice Recipe – Talk to Jonathan at the Fresh Juice vendor in Mater Park – Rean Act 2


Catch Sky Gill Fish at East Crossbell Highway 3 near the Boat Shack – Lloyd Act 2

Catch Zelfish at the East Crossbell Highway 2 Fishing Spot – Lloyd Act 2

Talk to Rex near the Sanitorium in Armorica Village for a Character NoteLloyd Act 2

Speak to the kids in the center of Armorica Village for 10 honey syrups – Lloyd Act 2

Buy the Crown Line Rod at Jake’s General Store in Armorica Village- Lloyd Act 2

Catch the Rockeater Fish at the  Armorica Village fishing spot – Lloyd Act 2

Catch Tiger Arowana Fish at the Old Armorica Road Fishing spot at the Rest Area (may need a better rod than what you arrive with) – Lloyd Act 2

Rural Minestrone Recipe – Buy from Gofan in the Ash Tree Inn in Armorica Village – Lloyd Act 2


In the Reverie Corridor for the first time:

You Can Catch the Cobrahead Fish


Talk to Vincent in the Foresta Inn & Tavern on Vesta Street for a Character NoteC Act 2

Moonless Morn Chapters 7 & 8 – Buy from Herschel’s General Store on Vesta Street – C Act 2

Soft-Boiled Egg Sandwich Recipe – Buy from Philly in Lafite Bakery on Vesta Street – C Act 2


Catch Cobalt Crab Fish in the Ancient Battlefield Underground Path – Lloyd Act 2

Win the double-boss battle within 40 turns to gain +5 RPLloyd Act 2


Devil’s Food Cornet Recipe – Buy it at Morges Bakery on West Street from Oscar – C Act 3

You can buy the Manly Munchies Juice and Ham Cutlet at Neinvalli Exchange on East Street in case you missed recipes. Don’t think the Ham Cutlet was available beforehand, so get it here if you don’t have it yet. It gives the Juicy Ham Cutlet RecipeC Act 3

Buy RF’z Zero Bearing and Custom Handle at the Fisherman’s Guild on East Street – C Act 3

Catch Cangiru Fish at Harbor District – C Act 3

Acerbic Red Soda Recipe – Buy it from Chroma in the Crossbell Cathedral, accessible from West Crossbell Highway – C Act 3


Spicy Kebab Recipe – Buy it from Sharl in the Nomadic Settlement near the Lodging Yurt – Rean Act 3

You can get a free Spirit Incense by talking to Fatma in the Worzel Home in the Nomadic Settlement – Rean Act 3

Catch Puffer Fish at the fishing spot in the Nord Highlands North – Rean Act 3


Catch Noble Carp Fish – St Ursula Medical College – Lloyd Act 3

Aged Beef Stew Recipe – Buy from Superintendent Kirsh in Le Lectier Inn – Lloyd Act 3

Moonless Morn Chapters 9, 10 & 11 – Buy from Superintendent Kirsh in Le Lectier Inn – Lloyd Act 3


When forced into the Reverie Corridor again:

Catch Spiky Puffer Fish

Resurrection Jelly Recipe – Found it in the Second Stratum of the Reverie Corridor.


Defeat the Adamantis Monster with a blue star icon in Nord Highlands South for the Frozen Epoch Lost Arts Quartz and +5 RPRean Act 3

When on the ship, defeat the enemies at the blue star icon on the second floor for +2 RP Rean Act 3

Then, do the same on the third floor in two rooms for +4 RP total – Rean Act 3


Catch Rainbow Trout Fish at the fishing spot in Mainz Mountain Path 2 – C Act 3

Defeat the boss within 40 actions for +5 RPC Act 3


Escaping in time will give you +3 RPLloyd Act 3


Catch Forest Gill Fish in Lake Elm Wetlands 2 –Rean Act 4

Catch Pink Azelfish Fish at the Lakeside Beach – Rean Act 4

Buy Moonless Morn Chapters 12, 13 & 14 in the Cendrillon store – Rean Act 4

Buy the Marbled Stake Recipe from Lyte in Restaurant Fortuna – Rean Act 4

Get through the Horror Coaster for +2 RP – Rean Act 4

Dreamer’s Candy Recipe – Found in the first chest in Castle of Mirrors Floor 2 as Manly Munchies – Cotton Candy – Rean Act 4


Redbrick Curry Recipe – Buy from Norma in Der Ziegel Inn – Lloyd Act 4

Talk to Mayor Bickson in the village chief’s home to get a free Brave Soul item – Lloyd Act 4

Vegetarian’s Solitary Moon Recipe – Within a chest in Moon Temple 2 – Lloyd Act 4

Defeat the Baleful Raider blue star enemy in Moon Temple 3 for +5 RPLloyd Act 4


Catch the Quicksilver Carp Fish – KnoxForest Path 1 – C Act 4


Catch Blue Marlin Fish in Reverie Corridor when the Third Stratum opens.

Rustic Bone Recipe – from Manly Munchies chest in the Reverie Corridor Third Stratum

Justice Blend Coffee Recipe via Manly Munchies – Coffee – Clear the Justice a Deux Daydream


Prison Food Recipe – Open the first chest in Prison 2 for Manly Munchies – Prison Food – C Act 4

Defeat the Super Regenenkopf in Prison 2 for +4 RPC Act 4


Speak to Roy as Rean in the midst of the battle onslaught to get 3 Tearal Balms, 3 EP Charge IIIs, 3 Celestial Balms, and a Spirit Incense – Finale


Shangri-La Spring Recipe – Manly Munchies – Cocktail chest in Reverie Corridor 4th stratum

Catch the Glutton Shark fish in the Reverie Corridor when the fourth stratum unlocks.


Speak to Emma, Elliot, Crow, Scarlet, and Celine in the Administrative District for notes –Finale

Obtain 18 acerbic tomato shakes by speaking to Chroma in the Administrative District – Finale

Speak to Jusis and the crew in the Civic Center in the administrative district for Character Notes. Be sure to speak to Jusis/Millium again after the scene plays out.Finale

Speak to Harold in the Central Plaza for 3 Power Potion IIs, Shield Potion IIs, and Mind Potion IIs. – Finale

Speak to Sergei in the Central Plaza for a Character NoteFinale

Speak to Zeit on the SSS Roof in the Central Plaza for a Character Note – Finale 

Buy Nature Breeze Pasta Recipe in Vingt-Sept Cafe in the Central Plaza from Hoisdorf – Finale

Buy Moonless Morn chapters 15, 16 & 17, and Crossbell Times – Emergency Special in the department store in the Central Plaza from Southwark  – Finale

Talk to Becky and Hugo in the Business Owners’ Association on East Street for Character NotesFinale

Get five free fresh herbs, crisp onion, flaky potatoes, and acerbic tomatoes by speaking to Tucker on East Street – Finale

Speak to Sara, Sharon, Agate, and Michel in the Bracer Guild on East Street for Character NotesFinale

Speak to Zhang Hui and company in the Long Lao Tavern & Inn on East Street for 5 Dragon Fried Rice and 5 Blazing Mapo Tofu – Finale

Enter Morges Bakery on West Street to initiate an untitled subquest. Examine the green star point at Ursula Road – Field Ex. Camp and then head back to Morges to deliver the items to Oscar. You’ll get 4 Os-Ben Specials. – Finale

Talk to the Bright family on West Street for a Character NoteFinale

Speak to the owners of Tallys’ General Store within West Street to get 5 Tearal Balms, EP Charge IIIs, and Celestial Balms. – Finale

Fast travel to the depths of the Geofront within the Grimwood Law Offices and examine the blue marker point in the final room. – Finale

Speak to Koki in the Harbor District to obtain 4 Hard Genkotsu Ramen. – Finale

Talk to Koki again right afterward to buy the Hard Genkotsu Ramen Recipe. – Finale

Speak to Laura, Fie, Aeolia, and Lynn in the Harbor for Character NotesFinale

Speak to Rex and Vivi in the Harbor District for Character NotesFinale

Catch Gold Salmon Fish on West Crossbell Road – Finale

Defeat Ginosha-Zanak on Knox Forest Path 1 with the blue star icon for +3 RP and a Black Zemurian Ore Shard on the ground after winning-  Finale

Fast travel to the Prison Depths and speak to Dudley and Franz at the blue star. – Finale

Defeat the Heidrun blue star monster at the Ancient Battlefield Depths to get the Leanan’s Kiss Lost Quartz and +5 RP and a Black Zemurian Ore Shard on the ground after winning. Finale

Defeat Unsurtr Malice blue star monster at the end of the moon temple to get +5 RP and a Black Zemurian Ore Shard on the ground after winning – Finale

Defeat Galliosaurus blue star monster at Lake Elm Wetlands 1 to get +3 RP and a Black Zemurian Ore Shard on the ground after winning – Finale

Catch the Pearlglass Fish at the now available Lake Elm Wetlands 1 fishing spot – Finale

Catch the Northern Arowana and Elecantus fishes at Ursula Road 1 – Finale

Talk to Jake in Armorica Village’s shop to get 5 Fresh Eggs, Fresh Milk and Mature Cheese, and a Tearal Balm. – Finale

Catch Azelfish in Armorica (somehow missed this, you can probably get it earlier) – Finale

Battle Grunoja blue star enemy at Stargazer’s Tower, from Ursula’s Road 2 to get +3 RP and a Black Zemurian Ore Shard on the ground after winning- – Finale

Forest-Blessed Hot Pot Recipe gotten from a chest in Ursula Road 3, contained within the Manly Munchies – Assorted Hotpot book, right near the fishing spot. – Finale

Catch the Marble Snakehead Fish at the Ursula Road 3 fishing spot. Then head back to Ursula Road 2. Talk to Cerdan and the others on the beach of Ursula Road 2, where the blue star is, and catch the Jeweled Cancer Fish only possible when 25 fish are caught. – Finale

Head to the top of St Ursula’s Hospital and talk to Linde and Seiland; accept to visit Mireille for a Character Note. – Finale

Fast travel to the Underground Freight Line and head down the path that was unexplorable during the story due to guards blocking it. Two new chests will be here that are easy to miss if you don’t have Moon Lens on, as well as the final blue star monster. Defeat the encounter comprising 3 Goliath Lugh to get +3 RP and a Black Zemurian Ore Shard on the ground after winning- – Finale

Head to the depths of the Castle of Mirrors in Mishelam and speak to the allies here with blue stars. Assuming you’ve seen every other blue star event up to this point, you’ll get +7 RP. You’ll also get Character Notes here. – Finale

Speak to Gaius and co on the 35th floor of Orchis Tower for a Character Note. – Finale

Post-Game & Daydream Bonuses

Dragon’s Tom Yum Goong Recipe from a chest with Manly Munchies – Tom Yum Goong in Reverie Corridor 4th Stratum Depths

Freddy’s Shabu-Shabu Recipe from the Manly Munchies – Wild Shabu book from the Ultimate Wilderness Cooking Daydream.

Justice Blend Coffee Recipe via Manly Munchies – Coffee – Clear the Justice a Deux Daydream.

Mishelam Hot Dog Recipe – gotten from the Manly Munchies – Hot Dog book from clearing Daydream Vacay by using all tickets for the first time.

Paradise Parfait Recipe – gotten from manly munchies – parfaits book in the Reverie Corridor Fifth Stratum.

Iron Man Hotpot Recipe – gotten from Manly Munchies – Iron Man Hotpot book chest in Fifth Stratum Part 2.

Premier Shortcake Recipe – gotten from Manly Munchies – Cake book chest in Reverie Corridor Sixth Stratum.

Mcburn Character Note gotten from completing Trial 18 in the Reverie Corridor.

To unlock KeA for the Pom Party minigame, speak to her in the Reverie Corridor after beating every other standard opponent. She should have a blue star marker.

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