The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero 10 Beginner Tips

With The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero now available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, this will either be many players’ first experience with the Trails series in its entirety or their first time playing a game pre-Cold Steel saga. So, here are ten general and specific tips that will assuredly aid you while traversing the treacherous confines of Crossbell.

Exchange Sepith at the IBC

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Early on in the game, you’ll gain access to the International Bank of Crossbell (IBC), and its primary purpose is to enable a greater Sepith exchange rate than what ordinary shops can provide. Sepith Mass does not exist in the pre-Cold Steel games, so Mira is only gained as a reward, via selling items and exchanging Sepith.

Aside from a few select story instances, you’ll practically always have IBC availability, so be sure to use it since it’ll likely solve all your financial straits. Equipment can be quite expensive, and you’ll probably not naturally gain enough Mira to afford it without using this service.

Prioritize Opening Orbment Slots

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Orbments are where characters equip their Quartz, which equates to the Arts (magic) they can use in battle. However, an additional often overlooked functionality they boast is drastically increasing party members’ EP thresholds as more slots are unlocked.

The Genten shop, housed in Central Square, can perform this service for you, and while you’ll undoubtedly do this naturally, making sure to open these slots as soon as possible will make EP consumption far less of a concern in the long run.

Don’t Ignore Cooking

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Cooking is a mechanic many don’t give the time of day in this franchise, and just like those other games, it can be inestimably useful in Zero. Most ingredients can be purchased in shops throughout town, and their benefits can be absurdly handy. For instance, the best versions of some dishes can straight up restore character CP and even revive chosen targets with significant health.

The Effort Quartz will also make cooking foods to their best states far more common. Various storefronts will have food for sale, but they can be somewhat expensive, so cooking is a far more affordable alternative.

Upgrade Your Weapons

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Early on in the game, you’ll be able to utilize a shop in Crossbell’s Downtown District that can upgrade the cast’s weapons. One of the required materials tends to be U-Material which is more easily gotten the further you progress.

Still, these upgraded iterations should always be pursued whenever possible because aside from basic stat enhancements, some weapons even get instilled with the chance to cause status ailments. From Poison to Blindness, and even Deathblow, there’s an impressive array of benefits to garner here.

Feed Coppe the Cat

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From the Prologue onwards, you can feed Coppe the cat on the SSS building’s roof. And more specifically, feeding him at the start of every Chapter from 1 onwards will grant you a handy Quartz at the end of the game. You’ll have to give him fish, and any kind will do, though the mini-rewards he gives across each fish will differ depending on the type of Quartz you give him.

Report to CPD Receptionist Rebecca

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After you become acquainted with the game’s systems, you’ll be able to report to one of the Crossbell Police Department’s receptionists, Rebecca.

As you encounter new enemies, she’ll give you rewards, with U-Material and healing items being the most common. It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to fully scan enemies for them to be registered by Rebecca, though scanning every foe unlocks a Record/achievement.

Fish Often

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Fishing is a mechanic unlocked in Chapter 1 and is essentially just a reaction-based minigame. Aside from the Fishing Guild on Crossbell’s East Street granting rewards at certain thresholds, the fish themselves offer substantial items and sepith, with the rarer varieties providing truly significant amounts. Bait is common, so feel free to embrace the activity at your leisure. Further, there is a vendor on East Street who will exchange your fish for Sepith.

Pay Attention to Accessories

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Accessories in Trails have two umbrella benefits; raw stat increases and status ailment prevention. The latter is most notable since there will be various enemy encounters, usually optional, that will infect the party with specific ailments. Therefore, equipping the cast with accessories specifically made to negate such status effects is imperative and can be the determining factor in turning the tides.

Pay Attention to Sepith Values

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Sepith values are what determine the Arts characters can use. Each Quartz is defined by which Sepith values they impart, and this information is transparently displayed when examining them. Lloyd’s Detective Notebook houses lists of every Art obtainable from the numerous Sepith value combinations, so be sure to peruse that resource if you’re a beginner with this mechanic.

Talk to Everyone

Trails games thrive on the quantity and quality of their NPCs, and Crossbell is no exception. Since Crossbell’s explorable size is relatively compact compared to the other sagas, it’s far less overwhelming to get a handle on. As a result, you’ll repeatedly run into familiar faces and experience mini-character arcs you’d otherwise miss out on. The city’s political straits and worldly affairs are also detailed. Further, some quests are hidden and are only obtained by talking to NPCs at certain times, so speaking to as many people as you can whenever you can is always worthwhile.


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