The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II Crimson Sin Highlights Celis Ortesia, Rion Balthazar, Altera & Grendel Zolga; Translations Available

Famitsu has shared a variety of new information regarding the upcoming Nihon Falcom developed The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II Crimson Sin.

Our team’s Ryuji translated the most relevant information, viewable below. Note that there are story spoilers for the first Kuro no Kiseki below, so read at your own discretion.

Famitsu May 26th Issue – Kuro II Pages (78 to 83)

Order of contents:

Page 78: 

– NEWS: Kuro no Kiseki will be getting a PS5 port!

Page 79:

– Some descriptions from the author about the teaser and official trailers we’ve covered previously.

Kuro no Kiseki II will take place in the Republic of Calvard. Alongside some info on what it is, and how it compares to main locations like the Erebonian Empire and such. 

Page 80: 

– Who is Celis Ortesia? Here’s a full description about her.

Page 81: 

– Who is Rion Balthazar? Here’s a full description about him. 

– “Gralsritter”? Who the heck are they? Here’s who they are.

Page 82 and 83: 

– Features profile descriptions of the mysterious red fairy that we covered (who’s now named Altera) and when she “Dons the Nightmare”, so to speak, her user turns into Grendel Zolga, who, by size comparison, is bigger than the Grendel that comes out when Van and Mare “Don the Nightmare”.

Celis OrtesiaJapanese VA: Ai Fairouz

The Fourth Gralsritter of the Church. Has a rather foul mouth, and will often gun towards potential sparring partners without their consent, much to her partner Rion’s dismay. She was also trained by Bergard Zeman, Van’s master, and although she was very skeptical of Van at first, she started to understand him after their fight with Almata.

Rion BalthazarJapanese VA: Soma Saito

A knight of the Gralsritter who acts as its Eleventh Dominion. At first glance, he might look like a collected and diplomatic young man, but his fighting skills are nothing to scoff at either. In [Kuro no Kiseki I], players learn that he is quite fond of movies, something rather odd for a member of the church. He is dedicated in his research for Artifacts.

Screenshot 1557

AlteraJapanese VA: ???

A Hollow Core that has gained sentience, similar to Van’s Mare. Compared to Mare, she is more arrogant and prideful, and has a deep hatred towards humanity. By resonating with Zolga’s Eighth Genesis, she is able to transform into Grendel Zolga. However, it is unknown if her transformation process is identical to Mare (most likely referring to the fact that whenever Van needed to transform, Mare briefly stopped time).

Grendel Zolga

The transformed state of the mysterious black-coated man that Van and his party find as they research the incident. His body is slightly taller than Van’s Grendel, and he’s the one who’s suspected of slaughtering the Gamma Squadron of the CID that was deployed at the corner of the capital. His objectives, as well as Altera’s objective, are presently unknown.

Two Grendels…?!

NOTE: This is written in a more personal tone, as if the writer is conveying his thoughts.

“As the trailer descriptions have shown us, Grendel Volga is the one who’s most likely to be responsible for the incident involving the Gamma Squadron of the CID, but what intrigues me is how we will perhaps have a fight between two Grendels in Kuro no Kiseki II. I wonder how that battle would go in-game…”

Screenshot 1558

Toshihiro Kondo’s Comments

Ryuji: In various pages, there’s a small footnote that says “Kondo’s Comments” which refers to Falcom’s current president, Toshihiro Kondo. The following translations will be referenced like below, and will avoid major spoilers.

Kondo’s Comment (Page X)


Kondo’s Comment (Page 80) 

In [Kuro no Kiseki II], you will learn the reason as to why the two Gralsritters of the Church (Celis Ortesia and Rion Balthazar) stay in the Republic of Calvard, even after the [ending of Kuro no Kiseki I]. 

Kondo’s Comment (Page 81) 

Rion is very critical of Van, but like Celis, he is a very reliable character. In [Kuro no Kiseki I], he mentions his hobby of watching movies, but there might be more to his personality that meets the eye…?

Kondo’s Comment (Page 83)

As you might’ve already seen in both the teaser and official trailers, Grendel Volga will appear very early in the story, and he’s  undoubtedly an antagonist towards Van. Many mysteries, such as why he has the eighth Genesis or what his and Altera’s objective is will all be shown. I would like fans to pay close attention to Altera’s actions in particular.

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The PlayStation 5 version of Kuro no Kiseki is launching in Japan on July 28, 2022. The Traditional Chinese and Korean PlayStation 5 versions of the game will also launch on the same day. A Steam launch is also planned for the same date with Traditional Chinese & Korean subtitles.

The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki is the latest entry of the ongoing Trails series, taking place after the recently concluded Cold Steel Erebonia arc, and after The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki, releasing in the west in 2023 as The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie.

This new title takes place in Calvard, one of the central regions of the series’ setting, the continent of Zemuria. While there are several returning characters from the Liberl, Crossbell, and Erebonia arcs, there is also a slew of new characters, each with their own struggles, relationships, and goals that enhance the liveliness of the in-game world.

Additionally, combat has undergone a significant shake-up, with action now freely swappable with turn-based in several circumstances, granting an impressive degree of player choice. The game is currently available in Japan for the PlayStation 4.

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