The Last of Us Part II Reveals New Gameplay Where the Last Vita Owner is Killed

During today’s State of Play, Naughty Dog presented more gameplay from The Last of Us Part II that details the game’s new mechanics and systems.

Neil Druckmann narrates the adventure and we catch up with Ellie as she makes her way through the post-apocalyptic setting. Players will find themselves in multiple environments across various seasons. Most of the game will take place in Seattle. Players will be able to navigate the environments using ropes and climbing structures to get around enemies or sneak up on them. A horse and boat are also used to get around the city quickly, whether threats will still impact the player while racing to new areas is yet to be seen.

Players will also confront human enemies who will do anything to take out anyone who is not in their group. Infected will also prove to be a threat and there are few different enemies that players will encounter in this entry. Furthermore, guard dogs are present who can easily sniff you out and alert enemies. Players can use multiple ways to take out enemies, either by a head-on attack, throwing objects at them or by using them as human shields.

Players can customize weapons using materials found in the field. This feature extends to crafting defensive and offensive items used in combat.

The Last of Us Part II puts players in the role of an older Ellie who is out for revenge. A lot has happened since the conclusion of The Last of Us, and players will be able to experience how humanity is adapting to this world years after the outbreak. Reprising their role as Joel and Ellie are Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, respectively. However, it was rumored that Joel might have been a ghost, but now we know that Joel will make his return.

The Last of Us Part II will launch on June 19 on PlayStation 4.

You can watch the gameplay and details below:

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