Steam Page Open for ‘The Last Hour of an Epic To the Moon RPG’; A Game Where You Play the Last Hour of a 100-Hour RPG

Freebird Games, developer of the To the Moon series, revealed their newest game, The Last Hour of an Epic To the Moon RPG, coming to PC via Steam in 2024.

The Last Hour of an Epic To the Moon RPG is a turn-based RPG based in the To The Moon universe, where players experience the last hour of a 100-hour RPG. The game is being created for fans of To the Moon, which highlights a what-if scenario if To the Moon was an actual RPG.

When players start the game, they will load up a Save File that takes them to the last hour of gameplay. The developer did all the grindy work for them to power up four characters and see the adventure through to the conclusion. Players will join up with the already powerful party, which consists of Neil, Eva, Roxie, and Rob, who venture into the Lighthouse-shaped Dungeon to defeat the mysterious mastermind big bad boss that awaits them at the top.

The game also features a few puzzles and a mid-boss to showcase a few of the systems. The game is more or less a spin-off of the series, but I still fully expect there to be some emotional moments hidden within the adventure. I’m just preparing myself to cry at this point.

You can check out the Steam page now, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the development and release of The Last Hour of an Epic To the Moon RPG.

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