The King of Fighters XV Soundtrack Volume 2 Now Streaming; 34 Songs

The King of Fighters XV Soundtrack Volume 2 Now Streaming; 34 Songs

SNK has announced that the second volume of The King of Fighters XV soundtrack is now available on streaming services. Comprised of 34 songs lasting roughly an hour and 51 minutes, this lineup features new tracks, including those from DLC content.

The full tracklist of The King of Fighters XV second volume soundtrack release is listed below:

  • Sympathy For The Wolves – KOF XV ver.- (Team GAROU)
  • Soy Sauce and a Dash of Sake for Geese (Team South Town)
  • Rhythmic hallucination – KOF XV ver.- (Team Awakened Orochi)
  • Battle Intro(Samurai)
  • Honor’s Melody “Hawk” (Team Samurai)
  • Guitar, Omega and Rugal – KOF XV ver.- (ΩRugal)
  • Still Green – KOF XV ver.- (Shingo Yabuki)
  • Let’s Go to Seoul! – KOF XV ver.- (Kim Kaphwan)
  • Electrifying Imagination (Sylvie Paula Paula)
  • Proof of Succession (najd)
  • Splendid Evil – KOF XV ver.- (Duo Long)
  • Come Up Smiling – KOF XV ver.- (Hinako Shijo)
  • Gusty Wind (Goenitz)
  • Way to the Horizon (Destiny Battle10)
  • Fanatic Waltz – KOF XV ver.- (Destiny Battle11)
  • Mad Fantasy – KOF XV ver.- (Destiny Battle12)
  • Fairy – KOF XV ver.- (Destiny Battle13)
  • Bass Crawling on the Grounds – KOF XV ver.- (Destiny Battle14)
  • MOJO – KOF XV ver.- (Destiny Battle15)
  • Diet – KOF XV ver.- (Destiny Battle16)
  • INNER SHADE – KOF XV ver.- (Destiny Battle17)
  • Rumbling on the City – KOF XV ver.- (Destiny Battle18)
  • 176th Street – KOF XV ver.- (Destiny Battle19)
  • Banquet of Nature – KOF XV ver.- (Destiny Battle20)
  • CRYSTAL – KOF XV ver.-
  • Team GAROU Ending
  • Team South Town Ending
  • Team Awakened Orochi Ending
  • Team Samurai Ending
  • Boss Challenge ΩRugal Menu
  • Battle Intro(Boss)
  • Conclusion R&D – KOF XV ver.- (Ωrugal)
  • Boss Challenge Goenitz Menu
  • Trash Head – KOF XV ver.- (Goenitz)

You can listen to The King of Fighters XV second volume soundtrack release via Spotify, the iTunes store, and YouTube Music.

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The King of Fighters XV features vibrant graphics that allowed the team to be a bit more playful with the roster and telegraph movesets easier, which is needed for a game requiring highly precise and technical inputs. In addition, the title features a main campaign that revolves around Shun’ei and how he acquired his mysterious powers at a young age. Other character stories are also featured.

Hinako Shijo recently joined the game’s playable lineup as DLC.

The King of Fighters XV is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Windows 10, Steam, and the Epic Games Store.

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