The Jackbox Party Pack 10 Review – A Decade of Fun

    Title: The Jackbox Party Pack 10
    Developer: Jackbox Games
    Release Date: October 19, 2023
    Reviewed On: PC
    Publisher: Jackbox Games
    Genre: Party

It’s that time of year again—fall has arrived, and with it comes the annual release of The Jackbox Party Pack. This year’s release is extra special, marking the tenth installment of the beloved franchise and celebrating the ten-year anniversary of its developer, Jackbox Games. To honor the occasion, we were eager to dive into the games and see if this milestone pack lives up to the expectations.

Tee K.O. 2: Spinning Creativity

Kicking off the tenth Party Pack is Tee K.O. 2, the sequel to the popular Tee K.O. The premise remains simple: create unique drawings, come up with quirky slogans, and design clothing that will amaze your opponents. This time around, players can choose between T-shirts, hoodies, or tank tops. Additionally, the game offers an expanded color palette, along with a revamped gameplay structure. In the second round, you can either submit a brand-new drawing from scratch or modify someone else’s creation.

FixyText turns typos into comedic gold, and its real-time moderation ensures a clean experience, making it a hilarious addition to the pack.

The third round takes a different approach, with players engaged in a frenzied tapping contest, shifting away from the usual voting screen. One of the most delightful improvements is the ability to proceed to the next drawing if you finish early, eliminating the need to wait for the timer. Plus, you can even order real-life versions of your creations. Tee K.O. was unexpectedly enjoyable, and this sequel enhances the experience.

Timejinx: Quirky Trivia

Time Jinx 0017

Next up is Timejinx, the trivia game in this package. It’s relatively short, spanning three and a half rounds. The game poses questions about various events and asks for the corresponding year or timeframe. These questions cover a wide range of topics, from historical facts to when particular memes first went viral. The game introduces additional elements such as Time Hop and Time Loop. In Time Hop, you must respond appropriately to a phrase from a specific era to blend in with the crowd.

Time Loop consists of two sets of questions, with the second round offering additional information, such as the most popular answer. The final round challenges players to predict future dates by adding 100 years to a given year. Timejinx is an engaging trivia game, but it may not reach the same heights as some of its predecessors, like Pack 8’s Wheel of Enormous Proportions or Pack 3 and 6’s Trivia Murder Party. Its focus on historical events with specific dates limits the range of potential questions.

FixyText: Hilarious Chaos

Next on our list is FixyText, which I affectionately refer to as “Google Doc Chaos.” In this game, players select a chat theme from four options, divide into groups, and compose messages to individuals from the host’s contact list. The catch is that you can’t edit or delete your words, leaving any typos permanently in place. The game then employs a text-to-speech engine to audibly read the messages, and players vote on the best responses. One of the game’s highlights is the unintentional humor that arises from inevitable typos.

FixyText 0002

Even when you’re cautious, a typo or two can slip through, resulting in laughter as the text-to-speech engine stumbles over the words. One critical aspect of FixyText is its moderation feature, which is essential given the real-time typing nature of the game. Streamers can enable Moderation Mode to monitor the chat for inappropriate language while players see censored text with exclamation and question marks. This system ensures a clean and enjoyable experience. My only minor gripe with FixyText is that subtitles appear on the left side of the screen instead of being centered, impacting accessibility.

Dodo Re Mi: Experimental Rhythms

Now, let’s talk about Dodo Re Mi, one of the more unique games in this package. It’s a rhythm game—a genre that Jackbox Games has not ventured into before. In Dodo Re Mi, players assume the roles of birds that can mimic various instruments. You can choose from a selection of songs, including themes from previous Jackbox games and remixes of public-domain songs.

Dodo Re Mi, Jackbox’s first foray into the rhythm game genre, is a quirky experiment, with instruments that might get annoying but have the potential to be a hit with some updates

To play the instruments, you use your device, and the goal is to feed a carnivorous plant to avoid becoming its next meal. Dodo Re Mi stands out for its unconventional instruments, such as Nature’s Bugle, a collection of fart sounds, or Constant Screaming, which, as the name suggests, delivers a continuous barrage of screams. While the concept is fun, the novelty of these instruments can wear off quickly, and the game may not be ideal for remote play since you won’t hear your friends’ devices. Additionally, some players reported a slight delay in note movement, even after syncing the game with the stream. Dodo Re Mi feels experimental and could benefit from future updates.

Hypnotorious: Social Deduction with a Twist

Hypnotorious 0013

Last but not least, we have Hypnotorious, the social deduction game of the pack. In this game, players are hypnotized to believe they are objects, people, or something entirely different. Your task is to determine which category each character belongs to. The twist is that one person in the group will always be the Outlier—someone who doesn’t match the rest.

After three questions, it’s time to accuse the person you believe is the odd one out. The gameplay resembles a blend of Pictionary with elements of Fakin’ It from Pack 3. It’s enjoyable but tends to become repetitive in small groups. The game relies on audience participation to some extent, as cryptic hints about the categories are gradually revealed, ranging from obvious to obscure.

A Mix of Fun and Brevity

Each game in The Jackbox Party Pack 10 offers a unique experience that is sure to spice up your gaming nights with friends. With a diverse selection of games covering drawing, social deduction, trivia, and even rhythm, this pack brings an array of engaging activities to the table. These five games are well-crafted and overall enjoyable. However, some feel a bit like trial and error, and a few of them seem shorter than usual, with fewer prompts and themes to rotate through, which might lead to quicker boredom.

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