The Fox Awaits Me Hana Western Switch Release Canceled; English Still Available in Asian Edition

Publisher COSEN has gone public to announce the cancelation of The Fox Awaits Me Hana‘s western release. The Switch visual novel will still be released in Asian territories with English subtitles in all versions of the game but neither the Americas nor the Europe will have it on the eShop lists. The game will be out in Japan and other Asian countries on November 2, 2023.

COSEN doesn’t specify what led to the cancelation but they mention it wasn’t their choice nor the developers’. According to their posts, even if they were to release the game in the west on other platforms, they’re afraid they’d have to change portions of the game and they’re carefully considering if that would even be an option as they feel the game may not work with these alterations.


Developed by Talesshop (My Girlfriend is a Mermaid), The Fox Awaits Me Hana is a sequel to The Fox Awaits Me. However, it follows an original cast of new heroines in a story about found family and the bonds between them. As a young man gets lost in the mountains and finds a fox deity shrine, he is soon transported to a mystical world where he finds a beautiful fox girl called Hana. Soon he’ll have the chance to get closer to her and learn about her past.

The illustrations are done by Shinoba, whose other works include My Girlfriend is a Mermaid and the original The Fox Awaits Me, both of which were published by Cosen on the Switch. The writer and director is Jinaga Deon-Gae, who was also responsible for the story of both visual novels.

If you’d like to get a closer look into The Fox Awaits Me Hana, check out the Switch opening video:

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