Dear Villagers to Publish Narrative-Driven Adventure ‘The Forgotten City’ Launches New Trailer Showing Improved Visuals

Dear Villagers announced they are publishing the Modern Storyteller-developed time-loop murder mystery The Forgotten City. However, the announcement comes with a delay as the game will now launch on Xbox One and PC in winter 2020.

The delay comes as the core team on The Forgotten City expands from two people to three. This has allowed them to go back and improve the game’s visuals and mechanics, which they will continue to improve on in the future.

The Forgotten City is a narrative-driven adventure where the player finds themselves trapped in a secret underground city during the Roman Empire and where 26 lost souls cling to life. You see, if one person breaks the “Golden Rule,” everyone dies. Well, it just so happens that you’re a time-traveler and you find yourself 2,000 years in the past as you uncover the final moments of this region’s existence in an endless loop.

Players are able to explore the world, interrogate the citizens, and change the course of the day with secrets they discover. The game features difficult moral choices that players will have to make in order to solve the mystery of what really happened to this place.

You can watch the new trailer showing gameplay as well as a video from the developer talking about the progress made in the game below:

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