The Final Fantasy Tactics Team is “Incredibly Busy at the Moment”

Final Fantasy fansite Finaland recently interviewed the Producer and Director of the upcoming Theatrhythm Final Bar Line, Ichiro Hazama and Masanobu Suzui, respectively, conversing about various specific subjects.

However, the conversation eventually steered to the mobile game Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, and the following shared exchange is quite significant.

Finaland: Our question concerns the casting of the game and notably the absence of main characters. It is now the 6th anniversary in Japan and we’re still missing characters such as RikkuRed XIII, many characters from FINAL FANTASY TACTICS and FINAL FANTASY XIV. Is there a reason for this, can we hope to see them one day?

Hazama: I think I can sort of explain the situation. Regarding FINAL FANTASY TACTICS characters and why most of them are not in the game yet, it is essentially similar to what we do with Theatrhythm. This is a title coming with the whole series, involving characters and stories for every single one of them. What we really don’t want to do with these kinds of games like Opera Omnia and Theatrhythm is just to do Final Fantasy how we think it is, how we think it should be. We have to check with the staff who are responsible for each of the individual titles.

For example if it is related to FINAL FANTASY VII, we have to go to talk with Nomura-san to check, for FINAL FANTASY TACTICS, it is the team who owns Tactics, we have to talk to them. There are different people among the company who own those games, who made them. We have to talk about the characters, what kind of abilities they should have, how they should behave in the game, how they should be portrayed, this kind of performance. We need to check all that, we just don’t want to do it ourselves.

The Tactics team is incredibly busy at the moment, they have other things to do. They are heavily involved in another project at the moment so we just don’t have time to talk to them. I think that’s probably why more TACTICS characters haven’t been included in the game, we just need time to find out the details. I think that’s what is going on, at the very least with Tactics characters. I’m sure they will put them into the game, Fujiwara-san wants TACTICS, I know that.

So, while nothing is confirmed, the Final Fantasy Tactics team specifically being busy can certainly imply that the game’s long-rumored remaster is on the way. For those unaware, a massive NVIDIA GeForce leak from 2021, which has been quite accurate so far, revealed that Square Enix supposedly has Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster in development.

Obviously, don’t assume any of this speculation as fact, but simply keep it in mind as we move forward throughout the year. Final Fantasy IX Remake was also on that leak list, yet it has not been announced, either.

Final Bar Line 13

Theatrhythm Final Bar Line is releasing for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on February 16, 2023. A free demo is also now available.

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