The Eternal Cylinder Looks Extremely Weird and It Has Our Attention

Good Shephard Entertainment announced plans to publish the Ace Team developed open-world survival game, The Eternal Cylinder on PC-via the Epic Games store and consoles in 2020.

The Eternal Cylinder has players control some of the strangest creatures we’ve ever seen called Trebhums, who still manage to be cute in their way. These creatures must survive through hard conditions and under the constant threat of rolling structure of power known as the Cylinder. The world is procedurally generated and features unique creates and real-time events. Additionally, the game has a focus on puzzles that players will need to work through to progress the adventure.

During gameplay, the Trebhums will start at the bottom of the food chain. Over time, it’ll be able to mutate and change based on what it eats. This includes learning new abilities like swimming if it eats a fish or flying if it eats a bird. New mutations don’t replace old ones and each time the Trebhum mutates it changes its form in some way.

The publisher launched the first trailer for the game which shows these mutations as well as some of the things that threaten these little creatures.

You can watch the announcement trailer below:

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