Alchemy RPG ‘The Emerald Tablet’ Coming West to PC in December

Sekai Project announced that the uni-developed alchemy RPG, The Emerald Tablet, will launch on PC-via Steam this December in the west.

The Emerald Tablet is set in a world of alchemy and follows the money-hungry adventures of Misty, Glady, and Winifred. During gameplay, players will take quests from townspeople to earn money. These tasks can range from mundane to elaborate as players will craft a variety of different items as they progress the game’s narrative. Players can also customize their characters as they level up and find new equipment, which can also be crafted.

The game features an expansive crafting system through classic RPG mechanics. Through the game, players will take part in random events as they raise their reputation and unlock more quests.  Time management also plays a role in the game to which players need to manage their time or they might end up a maid. The battle system in the game has been simplified and is more on the action-oriented side as characters are displayed in the chibi forms as they fight on the battlefield.

The developer released screenshots of the game giving players a preview of its system and features. This also allows players to check out the craft menus in the game.

You can check out the screenshots below:

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