The DioField Chronicle Reveals New Screenshots, Character Portraits, Profiles & Gameplay Information; All Translated

The DioField Chronicle Reveals New Screenshots, Character Portraits, Profiles & Gameplay Information; All Translated

Square Enix has revealed new gameplay and character information for their upcoming tactical RPG, The DioField Chronicle, via Japanese outlets Famitsu and 4Gamer. We have shared the latest character portraits and screenshots in this article, as well as translated the information pertaining to the cast and combat mechanics.

NOTE: Since Square Enix has not yet shared the official Western names for specific terms and characters, certain translations below may not be accurate to the localization. 

Thanks to our team’s Ryuji for translating the following news:

Combat Classes

Classes are divided into four categories: Soldier, Cavalier, Sharpshooter and Magicker. Each of those classes differ in their weapons and the skills they have access to.

Each Class is listed below alongside their weapons:


13 Unit Soldier 1

A class generally focused on standing in the front lines. There are three weapons they can use:

Daggers: A weapon with skills that chase and finish off weakened enemy soldiers. One skill is called “Assassination” and has a power of 450 and a cooldown of 8 seconds. During this 8-second period, damage dealt is increased by 30%.

Sword and Shield: The sword and shield are capable of inhibiting or weakening the use of skills from enemy soldiers to their allies. One skill is called Shield Bash, which does a small amount of damage, but also has the chance to “Stun” an enemy.

Axe: A class with skills that allow users to absorb health from enemy soldiers and exert their power in a pinch.


14 Unit Cavalier 1

A class capable of riding a horse or a dragon, and taking advantage of their increased mobility. There are two weapons they can use:

Lance: A weapon that can make large advances while attacking. Lancers also have a skill that allow you to swap positions with an enemy.

Claw: The weapon used by dragon riders. It can initiate many area-of-effect skills that are useful for dealing with substantial groups of enemies.


15 Unit Sharpshooter 1

A class suited to attacking enemies from long distances. They are also useful for chipping away the health from enemies as they approach the close-combat units.

Bow: Bows are able to shoot from far distances, and have access to skills that can slow enemy movement or even stop them entirely.

Gunner: Guns have access to skills that are effective against multiple groups of enemies. The Famitsu magazine exemplifies a skill where damage scales depending on how many enemies are in its range.


16 Unit Magicker 1

A class that uses magic to heal allies and deal damage to enemies. There are two weapons that they can use:

Staff: A weapon that can provide support from the rear with its wide-range attacks. Further, it has access to skills that can stop enemy soldiers from moving, and strengthen allies.

Wand: A weapon with access to primarily recovery-based skills, such as converting attacks from enemies into HP recovery for allies.


By collecting special magic stones called Makogijyoku (this does not have a direct translation, but breaking down the kanjis results in “Magic Spheres”), you can summon beings that will greatly assist you in battle, such as:

Bahamut: Deals a large amount of damage to the enemies within its skill range.

Goldhorne: All allies within the skill’s range receive HP and EP restoration.

You can earn those spheres by fulfilling the requests of researchers at the base, or as a reward for completing certain quests.

Meet the Characters

The Blue Fox Mercenaries

Andrias Rhondarson – Voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto


One of the four chiefs of the Blue Fox mercenary group. He is calm, collected, and intelligent.

He once caught the eye of a nobleman at an early age and was trained as a soldier before becoming the chamberlain and bodyguard of Zevatian Schugel, the fourth prince of the Shaytham Dynasty.

Fredret Lester – Voiced by Junichi Suwabe


The eldest son of the Lester family, middle-class nobles. He and Andrias have been close allies ever since they were children, and they have a strong bond with each other. 

Fredret is often adored by the people because of his straightforward personality, but when he gets engrossed in something, he often loses sight of his surroundings.

Iscarion Colchester – Voiced by Jun Fukuyama


He is the eldest son of the Colchester family, low-class nobles. Additionally, he was also a member of a local knight force when he was a teenager, but left after an incident and began traveling around the kingdom on his own, calling himself a “wandering knight”.

He doesn’t like getting too close to others and has a peculiar aloof atmosphere. Still, he also cannot leave the weak alone, and is endeared by his subordinates.

Waltaquin Redditch – Voiced by Inori Minase


The eldest daughter of the Redditch family who are high-class nobles. Perhaps it’s because she grew up as the daughter of one of the world’s most prominent aristocrats that her selfish behavior is noticeable. Further, she is a girl of unconcealed elegance, intelligence, and natural beauty.

Interested in ancient magic from an early age, she is self-taught in all kinds of studies and has made a great success as a magic soldier with immense power despite her young age.

Generals of the Shaytham Dynasty

Zevatian Schugel – Voiced by Ryohei Kimura


Commander of the imperial army that is invading the Alletain Kingdom. He has been a soldier since he was a youth.

As Zevatian achieved military success in numerous wars, he caught the eye of the newly founded Shaytham Dynasty’s Emperor, and was promoted and selected to be a member of its elite forces.

Shivat Malzin – Voiced by Makoto Furukawa


Former bandit leader and servant of the Redditch household. He has known Waltaquin Redditch ever since she was a child and is familiar with her personality and tastes.

Shivat became a vassal of the Redditch family for his own benefit became a bandit at a later stage of his life. He never stays in one place for too long, which is a reflection of his nature to live without going against the waves of time.

Castevere Bunnow – Voiced by Junta Terashima


A curious and jovial womanizer. Born in the countryside, he was a capricious person in his youth, but he eventually joined various military corps in search of great success and improved his combative abilities.

After acquiring a modern imperial magic weapon called a ganglit, he began to use its power to run an assassination business. However, after an incident, he instead took on the lance and became a cavalryman.

Zoruaq Wigan – Voiced by Kenji Hamada


A legendary mercenary who fought throughout the country and was instrumental in pacifying many civil wars, earning him several military awards. Employed by the Royal Government of King Ortina, he has since retired from the front lines due to a wound in his leg he received on the battlefield.

Other Notable Characters 

Umarida Bareas – Voiced by Sumire Uesaka


A young woman who was recruited by Andrias to join the Blue Fox Mercenaries. She has excellent physical abilities, but her greatest skill is sniping with a ganglit, a modern magic weapon. She acquired this tool from a nobleman she served who was running a second-hand weapon business on the continent.

Tremina Umbert – Voiced by Miyu Tsuji


The daughter of a merchant in Southfield. She is a stern individual who does not change her mind after finalizing a decision. As a result, her inflexibility gives the impression that she is difficult to approach. Moreover, she has high aspirations motivated by her single-minded desire to become a cornerstone of her country.

She has recently learned of a new political and democratic ideology, and as it [the ideology] gains momentum within the kingdom, she gradually became more and more devoted to it.

Estalt Yewfare – Voiced by Miyuki Satō


A young mercenary who works as a freelancer. They were raised in an orphanage under the jurisdiction of the holy Church, but when it was discovered that they had an aptitude for magic, they left the orphanage alone and began a mercenary career as a Magicker. 

Since then, they have been regularly requested by the Templar Knights to take on missions such as escorts. Although they are sometimes seen as mild-mannered, they have quite the sharp tongue and have a strong rebellious spirit towards society.

Translator’s note: I was unable to identify their gender, so to avoid misgendering, I used they/them pronouns.

Catherine – Voiced by Lynn


One of the Templar Knights. Catherine was born into a family of devout followers of the holy church, and from an early age, she was strongly influenced by her parents’ teachings.

She spent her childhood training in all manner of swordsmanship, shieldsmanship, and sorcery, which is why she was selected to join the Templar Knights.

Lastly, all of the newly added screenshots are viewable via our gallery below:

The DioField Chronicle features a tactical RPG system with a new cast of characters. Further, the developer shared that the soundtrack and story are a significant focus in this new adventure. The gameplay will introduce a new Real-Time Tactical Battle system that players can master. This world blends fantasy, medieval, and modern-day facets with players witnessing the Kingdom of Alletain, led by the Shaytham dynasty on DioField Island, facing conflict for the first time in 200 years.

The reason for this rise in conflict primarily lies in the presence of the mineral Jade, used for magic and sorcery creation, and the island abundantly houses it. The warring Alliance and Empire in the neighboring region are seeking Jade for obvious ends. Players will control Blue Fox, a band of elite mercenaries.

This title is being developed by Lancarse Ltd, a team of veteran strategy developers. Concept art is designed by Isamu Kamikokuryo, who has provided artwork for Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII. Additionally, the composers are Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell, primarily known for their work on Game of Thrones.

The DioField Chronicle is releasing for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on September 22, 2022, worldwide. A free demo is also arriving on August 10, 2022.

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