UPDATE: The DioField Chronicle Significant Free Update Arriving March 2023; New Scenario, Modes, Skills & More

Square Enix has announced that their recently released real-time tactics title, The DioField Chronicle, is receiving a free update in March 2023, adding the following content:

  • New Scenario – A new scenario not told in the main story starring Waltaquin Redditch. In this scenario, playable after clearing Chapter 5, you will make your way through missions while controlling Waltaquin. “Behemoth” will appear as the final boss.
  • New Weapon “Magic Tome” – In the newly added scenario, you will be able to equip Waltaquin’s dedicated weapon, “Grimoire,” which can use skills to summon units and morph into other forms.
  • New Skills – The new skill “Necromancy” can be used to summon a Skull Knight. The new skill, “Necrotame,” can be used to transform your units into a Skull Dragon to unleash powerful skills.
  • High-Difficulty Extra Mode – A mode in which high-level enemies appear from Chapter 1. This will be added as a function of “New Game+,” which allows you to carry over your levels, weapons, and skill trees after clearing the main story.
  • Very Hard Difficulty  – The Very Hard difficulty level offers more challenging battles with fewer fragment drops, reduced enemy skill use frequency and cooldowns, limited revival time and HP recovery, and so on.

The official Twitter account also stated that enemies will be scaled in new game plus.

A new tweet of the content was shared, viewable below:

Thanks to Gematsu for translating that information, initially shared in the video below:

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The DioField Chronicle features a tactical RPG system with a new cast of characters. Further, the developer shared that the soundtrack and story are a significant focus in this new adventure. The gameplay introduces a new Real-Time Tactical Battle system that players can master. This world blends fantasy, medieval, and modern-day facets with players witnessing the Kingdom of Alletain, led by the Shaytham dynasty on DioField Island, facing conflict for the first time in 200 years.

The reason for this rise in conflict primarily lies in the presence of the mineral Jade, used for magic and sorcery creation, and the island abundantly houses it. The warring Alliance and Empire in the neighboring region are seeking Jade for obvious ends. Players will control Blue Fox, a band of elite mercenaries.

This title is developed by Lancarse Ltd, a team of veteran strategy developers. Concept art is designed by Isamu Kamikokuryo, who has provided artwork for Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII.

The DioField Chronicle is now available worldwide on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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