Dungeon Roguelike ‘The Deadly Path’ Coming to PC Soon; New Trailer Highlights Gameplay

Fireshine Games revealed gameplay for the Owlskip Enterprises-developed dungeon management roguelike The Deadly Path in development for PC via Steam. A release date was not provided, but the developers shared it’s coming soon.

The trailer highlights a typical round while playing and showcases the various actions a player can take while building out their dungeons and managing resources. The illustrations of the cards and areas are very nice to look at. The gameloop of building up your forces and responding to events as they happen seems fun.

“The Deadly Path is a compelling hybrid of resource and building management with intuitive roguelike strategy,” said Joe Goddard-Howell, Junior Product Manager at Fireshine Games. “With its ‘one more go’ appeal and innovative approach to dungeon building, it’s easy to become mesmerized by its gameplay and lose hours to the game at a time. We’re very confident that The Deadly Path is a game that fans of deep strategic roguelikes will enjoy, and look forward to revealing more on the game in the months ahead.”

The Deadly Path has players embark on a journey that commences in a period characterized by darkness. To succeed in this endeavor, they will need to employ an intuitive building system, allowing them to excavate buried tiles and construct an intricate network of walls, traps, and defensive structures within their mystical dungeon.

As players expand their base, they will encounter locations like Ancient Ruins, Boneyards, and Iron Veins. Here, they can strategically position resource generators to enhance their stockpiles. The player’s task includes populating their buildings with various monstrous servants at their disposal and advancing through different ages, ultimately bringing their malevolent lord into existence and ensuring the expansion of their sinister realm.

You can watch the trailer below:

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