The Curse of Kudan Coming to Switch this December in English, Chinese and Japanese

Publisher Prototype has announced that they’re porting SukeraSparo’s The Curse of Kudan to Nintendo Switch. The yuri mystery visual novel will be available in English, Chinese and Japanese on December 21. The company has yet to confirm if it’ll be released in the west as well but, considering previous releases, this is likely to be a worldwide release, and, even if otherwise, it should be possible to import it and play.

The Curse of Kudan tells the story of Sakuya Kudan, a young girl who is a little of a tomboy, hardly having any ladylike mannerisms. She’s a member of the kendo team and her best friend, Karen Azuma, is very similar to her personality-wise and she’s the ace of the softball team.

One day, Sakuya meets a young woman on the streets in a way that makes her feel like it was destiny. She’s the exact opposite of her, a proper, elegant lady through and through. Sakuya helps her out and ends up studying cooking at her class.

However, her new teacher ends up the target of a curse that became a popular urban legend in town, the titular “Curse of Kudan”. Now Sakuya will do what she can to find a way to help her, getting to know another cute girl in the Occult Studies Club, a fashionista by the name of Koto Akinashi.

The Curse of Kudan is written by Shimizu Hatsumi (Flowers) and illustrated by Hanekoto (Aquarium, Mell Kiss). If you’d like to know more about The Curse of Kudan, check out our review of the game. The PC opening video can also be watched below:

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