Doujin RPG ‘The Curse of Kubel’ Gets PC Release Date in the West

Kagura Games announced that they will publish the Yasagure Kitsuenjyo-developed doujin RPG The Curse of Kubel in the west on PC-via Steam on July 24. Yes, that’s later this week.

The Curse of Kubel takes place southwest of the Capital City of Aseria in the commercial region of Caldesta, where an archaeological site was recently discovered. Surprisingly, an earthquake struck that split the site into two, which divides it into a north and south area. Now, many adventures travel there to search for treasure.

Evidently, there’s a rumor of a curse that has been infecting the adventurers. So, the Archwizard sends his apprentice, Magitano, to investigate. The story then follows what she discovers on her missions as she uncovers the truth about the curse of Kubel, roll credits. Magitano doesn’t really understand some social situations such as love, which gets her into some awkward situations.

Gameplay features classic RPG systems with a focus on the story and characters. Players are able to explore the Ruins of Cadesta meet a handful of adventurers along the way. The game was developed using RPG Maker MV. There’s also an adult version of the game available, but Kagura will mostly likely host that on another online storefront.

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