The Caligula Effect 2 Character Trailer Introduces Go-Home Club Members

NISA launched a character trailer for the Furyu-developed action RPG The Caligula Effect 2 coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on October 19, 2021.

The trailer highlights additional Go-Home Club members who must fight against Regret and Obbligato Musicians. Following the protagonist, who can be male or female, we meet, Gin, Shota, Ryuto, Kobato, Kiriko, Sasara, Niko, and Marie. Each character can be added to a party in battle and execute unique abilities.

The Caligula Effect 2 introduces players to a virtuadoll named Regret who has created the world of Redo in order to save people from their past regrets by unknowingly imprisoning them in a simulation. However, this “paradise” is shaken to the core when a virtual idol named χ breaks into Regret’s virtual reality and restores a high school student’s memories of the real world. In order to escape Redo, they re-establish the Go-Home Club, a resistance group that seeks to fight against Regret and her enforcers, the Obbligato Musicians.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the development of The Caligula Effect 2 and its western release.

The Caligula Effect 2 was first announced in the Japanese Nintendo Direct but has now been confirmed for the west. In case you missed it, check out our review of The Caligula Effect.

You can watch the new localized trailer below:

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