The Boxer Vol. 2 Review – Dream Crusher

    Title: The Boxer Vol. 2
    Author: JH
    Release Date: April 18, 2023
    Publisher: Ize Press

I have a strange obsession with The Boxer after Volume 1 had me invested in the multiple protagonists surrounding the common theme of boxing. I feel this emotion mirrors the characters of this story as they are each obsessed with something that leads them to this sport. The Boxer Vol. 2 presents a narrative that borders on the belief that someone can just be good at something without practice, and no matter how much effort you put into something, there will always be someone better. Yu may be new to this sport, but I think he should be known as the dream crusher.

The Boxer Vol. 2 1

After Yu put Baeksan in the hospital, Coach K begins his training. Well, to an extent. It just seems like Yu knows everything there is about boxing without really doing too much of it. However, we do get a look at his opponents and what brought them down the path of boxing. This is what I enjoyed most about the volume. It shows you that people are more complex than they seem when you first meet them. There’s a whole history of events that led them to this point, and getting the chance to witness them really sold this entire volume.

K is not the hero of this story. In fact, I don’t know if I really like him. His attitude is nothing like I thought it’d be, and he mostly just follows orders. He’s a blank slate and responds to the commands of Coach K, who is creating a monster. I do wonder where this is going because the story attempts to establish a formidable opponent for Yu in the final chapter. Still, no one has even come close to landing a punch, and I was hoping for more of an underdog story.

The Boxer Vol. 2 2

We do get a glimpse of Injae, who is in recovery. Now, there’s a protagonist that we can root for. Sadly, his screen time is very limited, but there’s some foreshadowing that he and Baeksan will make a return. Yu receives no character growth throughout the entire volume. That said, no character does anything to redeem their actions or even do something to change their ways. Each character stays fast with their goals, which is very boxer-like if you ask me.

I found so much admiration for the panels and illustrations that take a simplistic approach to character designs and backgrounds but still manage to display the carnage and energy that this sport presents. There are a few graphic fights, which definitely have me thinking differently of Yu. I want to cheer him on, but guys, I don’t think we’re supposed to. He’s unhinged and doesn’t really have a personality other than completely blank. However, this is balanced by the strong supporting cast and their backstories. It’s a wonderful way to tell a story from multiple angles.

The Boxer Vol. 2 3

The Boxer Vol. 2 throws out everything I thought would happen after Volume 1 and delivers a very different experience. Our lead, Yu, is a monster; we can all agree on that, but the emotional and sometimes graphic ways that this story is told make it a must-read, even if you aren’t a fan of the sport. There are plenty of interesting story arcs that you don’t see coming, which makes the story tough to follow, but it ends up making it far more enjoyable.


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