The Blind Prophet Preview – A Vibrant and Gory Adventure

The Blind Prophet Preview – A Vibrant and Gory Adventure

While people might look past point-and-click adventures, I find myself wanting to do anything I can to share the genre with everyone. I guess that’s why I decided to take on this preview for the Ars Goetia-developed The Blind Prophet. Through its straightforward and approachable gameplay, the opening of the game has me invested in wanting to see the conclusion of this gory adventure.

The Blind Prophet opens with apostle Bartholomeus coming across a girl who is about to get sexually assaulted. After a swift pursuit, he ends up catching the person for questioning. You see, Bartholomeus has a divine mission that leads him to liberate the corrupted city of Rotbork. His quest leads him to many encounters with a Great Evil, and up until now, he seems to be keeping things under control. However, that’s all about to change.

There are puzzles spread through The Blind Prophet, which were complicated enough for me to take a moment to plan out my approach. Taking time to interact with people gives the player insight on how to get through sections of the game, but nothing comes off as “handholding.” During gameplay, story sections will limit players to an area that they’ll need to find clues on how to progress. While gameplay focuses mainly on point-and-click elements, I would have liked it if the developers threw in a few other interactive features into the game to help with immersion.

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To get through sections of the game, players will need to combine items. This led me to some experimentation a few times, but the puzzles do end up lining themselves out, and they make sense with the world of the game. One feature that makes progressing the narrative easier is known as the “stalker’s eye,” which allows you to detect objects or persons you can interact with for additional clues. When interacting with something, there are four options you can choose, “Observe”, “Talk”, “Discuss”, or “Use”, and each of them serves a purpose to progress the scene.

The Blind Prophet is a dark adventure that gave off some truly nightmarish vibes. The colors are dark with the use of a lot of black and reds. This game’s comic book art-style has beautiful hand-drawn panels that I couldn’t help but admire. The backgrounds were very detailed. So detailed that I didn’t exactly know what I could and couldn’t interact with, which is why I ended up using the “stalker’s eye” quite often. There was one issue that I encountered where I would be pushed to the next area unknowingly, which was probably just the boundaries of the environment not being laid out clearly to me.

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During my time with The Blind Prophet, I became enamored with the dark themes and point-and-click offerings. The comic artwork is outstanding, and I can’t wait to see the many more environments that the story will lead me through. What’s even better are the puzzles that I encountered, which were continually clever and had me thinking outside-of-the-box. The Blind Prophet puts a significant focus on its chilling atmosphere and story elements, and I’m looking forward to what the game offers when it officially releases.

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