Steam Celebrates WePlay Expo 23 to Highlight Amazing Games Coming From Eastern Developers; Here’s a Few of Our Favorites

The Steam page for WePlay Expo 23 has an abundance of titles showcasing games from Eastern developers, including WSS Playground and CreSpirit. The event is taking place in Shanghai, China, from November 17, 2023, through November 19, 2023.

However, fans around the globe can check out some of the games that are appearing at the event through the Steam portal. Here, eager gamers can check out some indie games that have been released or are still in development to add to their Wishlist and follow the development of these titles.

Here are a couple that we think you should look out for:



Our nimble and agile protagonist, Tevi, wields not only her trusty dagger but also sports an oversized wrench, delivering melee damage with undeniable style. Teaming up with her are the dynamic duo, Celia and Sable, who manifests as two floating orbitars, armed and ready to unleash an array of ranged offensive and supportive magic during battles. Get ready to adapt your combat style like a seasoned chameleon, effortlessly bringing down foes with a series of flashy, dazzling combos!

Boss fights in “Tevi” aren’t your run-of-the-mill encounters. Each one offers a unique challenge that demands different strategies to conquer, all while you gracefully dodge their attacks, eyes peeled for that perfect counter-attack opportunity. These bosses aren’t pushovers, though. As they shift through their phases, their attack patterns become increasingly challenging, and they might even unleash some downright devastating ultimates. But don’t worry; your relentless offense can send them into a vulnerable BREAK state, giving you the chance to unleash massive bursts of damage. It’s all about outsmarting and outmaneuvering, my friends!



Techtonica offers a captivating gaming experience with a range of exciting features. Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world as you explore the cavernous depths of Techtonica, surrounded by the mesmerizing glow of bioluminescent flora, all from a first-person perspective. Dive into the world of factory automation, where conveyor belts and unique travel systems simplify the construction, connection, and traversal of sprawling automated factories.

Progress through rewarding upgrades and tackle evolving gameplay challenges with innovative solutions. Shape your environment to perfection using the MOLE, a versatile black hole gun. Unravel the sci-fi mysteries hidden beneath the surface of the rogue planet Calyx. The game comes complete with an original soundtrack from Cityfires, setting the mood for your building adventures. Additionally, you can embark on this journey alone or collaborate with up to four players in co-op mode, making it an engaging experience tailored to your preferences.

Astral Party

Astral Party

Astral Party promises a lively party game experience, supporting online multiplayer for up to 4 players. Players can engage in spirited gameplay by utilizing character skills and in-game cards to vie for victory, and the element of luck adds an unpredictable twist to the competition. Throughout the game, various random events compel players to make choices between helping others or sabotaging their opponents.

The game’s diverse cast of characters adds depth and intrigue to the experience, with each character possessing unique active and passive skills. The combination of these skills leads to unexpected and exhilarating outcomes. As players navigate the game’s dynamic map, they encounter up to 15 different panel effects, with certain panels triggering a wide range of random events. This unpredictability injects a constant sense of suspense into the game, ensuring that even when victory seems assured, an unexpected twist can change the course of the game in an instant.

Monospaced Lovers

Monospaced Lovers

Monospaced Lovers offers an enchanting blend of wonder and adventure, inviting players to tackle unconventional, metafictional puzzles that may have them reaching for in-game hints. The game rekindles that childlike sense of discovery while treating players as adults, drawing inspiration from titles like Fez, La Mulana, Majora’s Mask, and more. Prepare for plot twists and genre-defying developments in a heartfelt story that boasts a substantial 100,000+ word count, encompassing elements of comedy, drama, social anxiety, and even philosophy. Unlike the typical “silent protagonist,” the game introduces a heroine with her own distinct personality and emotions, always staying one step ahead of you.

Immerse yourself in a beautifully hand-painted world where you can engage with local Tanuki, master the art of translating Slimespeak, and thoroughly explore every nook and cranny of your quaint hometown to collect over 60 unique items. The game blends non-linear, collectathon-style exploration with engaging RPG-style story quests, ensuring a captivating and immersive experience. Additionally, brace yourself for an exciting fusion of bullet hell and platforming elements, featuring 4+ challenging boss battles and numerous bullet-dodging challenge rooms that will test your platforming skills in a whole new way.

Brazen Blaze

Brazen Blaze

Brazen Blaze” is an exhilarating 3v3 Smack & Shoot VR action game that’s all about one simple objective: “Strike down your opponent.” In this virtual world, players can indulge their every desire, fulfilling fantasies that may be out of reach in real life. Whether it’s punching, shooting, or even smashing famous statues, the game allows you to unleash your inner wild side, granting you the freedom to do whatever you’ve ever dreamed of.

The game introduces you to your new best friends—super-powerful gauntlets that empower you to perform superhuman feats such as soaring through the air and demolishing buildings with ease. With an array of unique weapons and tide-changing Ultimate skills, each character offers a distinct playstyle. Whether you prefer unleashing a barrage of mini-missiles, creating massive gravity fields, or providing healing support to your allies, there’s a character that perfectly suits your preferred style of play. And why not kick off the action with an unforgettable finishing blow, like sending your enemy soaring into space? “Brazen Blaze” promises non-stop, action-packed excitement in the world of VR gaming.

Mariachi Legends

mariachi legends

In Mariachi Legends, players step into the shoes of Pablo Cruz, a Mexican detective handpicked by Lady Death herself to embark on his most significant mission yet: recovering a potent amulet with the potential to challenge her control over the Realm of the Dead and disrupt el Día de los Muertos. Armed with the formidable La Sombra and donning a Mariachi suit infused with supernatural abilities, it’s time for players to journey into the underworld and confront the Mariachi Legends and their minions, all before it’s too late.

The game seamlessly melds side-scrolling beat-em-up gameplay with the rich tapestry of vibrant Mexican culture, delivering a truly unique experience. Players can expect responsive, fast-paced combat as they engage in platforming, exploration, and a healthy dose of old-school, colorful violence, all in the name of a noble cause. And while death may be encountered on this journey, it’s not viewed as a failure but rather as a stepping stone on Cruz’s path to fulfilling his ultimate quest.

Shadow of the Ninja – Reborn

shadow of the ninja reborn 1 1

Shadow of the Ninja: Reborn is an homage to the classic ninja-themed side-scrolling action game, KAGE ~ Shadow of the Ninja, originally developed by Natsume and released for the NES on August 10, 1990. This iconic game garnered widespread acclaim for its exceptional controls, innovative hanging and climbing mechanics, meticulously crafted levels, and heart-pounding background music.

It was particularly celebrated for its co-op gameplay in the action genre. Now, after 33 years since its debut, this beloved classic is being remastered by the very same original team. Despite the team members’ average age now being 55, their enduring passion for game development continues to shine through as they breathe new life into a title cherished by countless players.

Virtua Unlimited Project

Virtua Unlimited Project

Virtua Unlimited Project invites players into a unique realm, a veritable utopia for Vtubers where everyone, from protagonists to adversaries and even the dedicated development team, embraces the vibrant Vtuber persona. In this vividly realized virtual cyberspace, a legendary tale unfolds, propelled by the impressive presence and formidable combat skills of these digital avatars. Drawing inspiration from the revered Mega Man Zero series, VUP offers a gaming experience infused with nostalgia, delivering challenging Boss confrontations and captivating levels, each distinct in style and design.

One of the standout features is the concept of exclusive Character Cards earned through spirited battles with Vtubers. These cards hold the coveted skills of various characters, and by interfacing them with your special belt, you unlock the ability to wield these skills, enabling versatile combat styles. Beyond the thrill of combat, players can delve into the everyday lives of these Vtubers in a charming pixel art-style NEO Babylon City High Street, fostering interactions and connections in this dynamic virtual universe. Yet, beneath the façade of a prosperous virtual world, secrets lie hidden. Can you navigate the enigmatic depths of this digital realm and uncover the mysteries concealed within? Embark on an adventurous journey alongside Kana, charting an uncharted path toward the truth that awaits.

Soul Devourer

Soul Devourer

Soul Devourer unfolds with a rich tapestry of game features, inviting players to embark on a thrilling adventure. The game boasts numerous unique main areas within an expansive interconnected world, promising excitement at every turn. As you traverse this immersive realm, your primary objective is to collect scattered souls, each offering the power to enhance your character, unlock new abilities, and customize your gameplay and strategy to your liking.

In this dark and enchanting world, you’ll face a myriad of twisted monsters, each possessing distinct behaviors and attacks, ensuring that every encounter is a unique challenge. The ultimate test awaits in the form of ferocious bosses, requiring you to decipher their patterns, exploit their vulnerabilities, and emerge victorious to claim their souls. As you journey deeper into the game’s narrative, you’ll uncover the enigmatic secrets concealed beneath the school’s facade. Along the way, you’ll cross paths with mysterious characters, gather a myriad of clues, and steadily forge your path toward unraveling the truth behind the ancient curse that shrouds this haunting tale.

Ancient Weapon Holly

Ancient Weapon Holly

In the distant past, amidst a world consumed by war and the advancement of civilizations, a weapon like no other came into existence. This autonomous weapon took on the form of a young girl, possessing the incredible ability to shatter the earth like a whip and demolish buildings with ease. Her merciless, red eyes brought death to all who crossed her path. The people bestowed upon her the name ‘Holly.’ Fearing her unrivaled power, they sealed her deep within the earth.

Tens of thousands of years passed, and when Holly awoke from her long slumber within the dark magic ruins, the only emotion that stirred within her was an overwhelming hatred for humanity. “Humanity, perish,” she declared. Although the ravages of time had taken their toll on her weapon capabilities, limiting her to merely slight damage to the earth and walls, Holly’s quest for vengeance against the world above had only just begun. The features of “Ancient Weapon Holly” promise intense combat, strategic gameplay that entices enemies into pitfalls, exhilarating action as you bury trapped foes in those very pits, and the evolution of Holly and unlocking of altar functions that lead to deeper and more intricate strategies.

XALADIA: Rise of the Space Pirates X2


In Xaladia: Rise of the Space Pirates X2, players assume the role of an elite special forces soldier from the planetary exploration team, a seasoned traveler to countless planets across the galaxy for survey missions and colonization efforts. However, an unexpected adversary emerges to disrupt your mission – a formidable and highly aggressive alien space pirate faction that spans the entire universe.

In response to this interstellar threat, headquarters issues a resolute command: “While supporting planetary colonization, eliminate the enemy and safely return to Earth (base).” Thus, the year 21XX marks the commencement of an enduring cosmic struggle for supremacy between humanity and the relentless space pirates.

Xaladia offers several key features, including non-scrolling single-screen combat, dazzling support attacks equipped with a variety of armaments, stunning 3D graphics, and the ability to upgrade your soldier’s capabilities, firearms, and craft weapons. With a stage generation system that dynamically alters the appearance patterns of planets and enemies with each playthrough, the game maintains a sense of freshness and unpredictability. This shooting game expertly marries retro aesthetics with contemporary visuals and modern gameplay systems, delivering a nostalgic yet visually captivating experience.

Fall Up

Fall Up

Fall Up centers around a singular objective at the core of Labi’s program: the pursuit of freedom. As you navigate through the game, your primary task involves collecting scattered “Batteries” dispersed across the various levels. These batteries can be found both in plain sight along your path and hidden within the depths of the levels, encouraging an explorative spirit. At the culmination of each level, your performance in collecting these Batteries will be evaluated, and you will receive Gems based on your success. These Gems play a crucial role in unlocking new areas and progressing further in the game.

For those who crave an extra challenge, there’s the Time Trial mode, which becomes accessible once you’ve located all the Batteries within a level. Completing this demanding challenge will reward you with the final Gem of the level, an accomplishment that distinguishes you as a serious contender. In “Fall Up,” every being, whether organic or synthetic, possesses intrinsic value, even the robots (especially the cute ones). What may seem like enemies at first glance can quickly transition into friends, as the game invites you to step on their heads, manipulate, provoke, or even guard them, all in service of completing the level in creative and imaginative ways that defy conventional expectations.

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