Dark Fantasy Adventure by Shin Megami Tensei Creators ‘The 13th Month’ Releasing for PC via Steam August 2022; Screenshots

During Day 2 of the Indie Live Expo event, developer and publisher Kobayashimaru LLC revealed their hand-drawn dark fantasy visual novel, The 13th Month.

In this title developed by Shin Megami Tensei creators Suzuki Kazunari and Masuko Tsukasa, the world’s fate is wholly bound to a familiar sleeping princess, Sleeping Beauty. This iconic tale is reimagined throughout this narrative with a demonic twist that serves to provide an entirely new experience.

Sleeping Beauty was absurdly beautiful and possessed positive qualities such as honesty, grace, and tolerance. However, on her sixteenth birthday, a witch visited the castle and cursed her to eternal sleep, and the two stayed confined within the same room for centuries. Throughout the years, princes would attempt to awaken the princess with their kisses to no avail. The witch’s motives are unclear, but their desire to stave off these royal visitors is entirely evident.

Suzuki Kazunari is behind the story and screenplay, Masuko Tsukasa is responsible for the music and sound design, and AOGACHOU designed the characters and landscapes.

The 13th Month is releasing for PC via Steam on August 5, 2022.

You can view the officially provided screenshots below. The fully released game is clarified to have English support.

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