The Dark Pictures – Man of Medan Looks Spooky as Hell in First Developer Diary Video

Bandai Namco launched the first developer diary for the Supermassive games developed narrative-horror game The Dark Pictures – Man of Medan, coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC-via Steam in 2019.

The developer diary showcases the developers speaking about the game’s art direction and creative process. The team also discusses the vessel that serves as the setting of Man of Medan and how they created the ship by carefully crafting audio, lighting, and architecture in the game. To accomplish this, the developers had to research real-world military vessels and capture the ambient sounds from the ships. The vessel is meant to leave the players unsettled and nervous while exploring the halls and it definitely shows in the video.

The Dark Pictures – Man of Medan is a narrative driving horror game from the developers of Until Dawn. Throughout the game, players will explore a ship, which can potentially be the grave of all main characters. Players will need to make choices in order for all characters to make it out alive, however, that’s usually easier said than done.

The Dark Pictures – Man of Medan is a standalone game within a series of horror games coming from the developer.

You can check out the developer diary video below:

Author’s take: I actually really liked Until Dawn and I’m excited to see how the developers have evolved based on feedback from their game.

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