Tetsuya Nomura Says Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Sequel is Possible Depending on Popularity

Tetsuya Nomura Says Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Sequel is Possible Depending on Popularity

In Square Enix’s recent broadcast of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin to commemorate the launch of the title’s third and final DLC, Different Future, producer Tetsuya Nomura shared a noteworthy message to fans.

Our team’s Ryuji translated the following sentences:

“When Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin first came out, there was a lot of negative bashing, especially online. However, I’m pleased to say that everyone watching this livestream has grown very fond of Jack and his friends. So much so that some would love to see a sequel of [the title].

And if you do want that to happen, then it would certainly help if one person watching this spread the news to 10 other people. If word of mouth about the game spreads through the DLC’s completion, proving that this is a title that has really resonated with everyone, there may be a time when we can meet again. I personally would love to work with Kumabe-san from Koei Tecmo again.”

So, while there’s obviously no guarantee of a sequel, it is worth emphasizing that Nomura did not simply turn down the idea altogether. Granted, asking fans to spread word of the game for increased cultural presence is nothing new, but diehard players should keep this message in mind. As a massive fan of this game, I sincerely hope a sequel comes around one day.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is now available worldwide on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. The first DLC, Trials of the Dragon King, the second DLC, Wanderer of the Rift, and the final DLC, Different Future, are also available.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin

Throughout Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, players control protagonist Jack Garland as he and his allies, Jed, Ash, Sophia, and Neon, aim to eliminate Chaos at its root and bring peace to the realm of Cornelia. However, despite the apparent simplicity of the task before them, their memories are haphazard and incomplete, leading to questioning motivations.

The gameplay is Nioh-like, with a variety of loot to obtain for better gear and several swappable Jobs representative of the Final Fantasy franchise at large. Multiplayer is also present.

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