Tetris Battle Royale ‘Tetris 99’ Physical Edition Releases in September

Tetris 99, the Tetris game developed by ARIKA, is getting a Nintendo Switch physical release that’s coming our way in North America on September 9 for $29.99.

Included in the release is an awesome bonus: a 1-year Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Furthermore, those who purchase the physical release will also get access to all current and future paid download content. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

Currently, the game is free to download via the Nintendo eShop, but players need to pay to unlock various modes. As far as current DLC goes, there’s the Big Block DLC that includes a CPU battle mode and an endless single-player mode. Coming relatively soon in the fall, two additional modes will be added including Local Arena, that lets you take part in eight-player local multiplayer, and a two-player share battle option where you and a friend can share a Joy-Con to play the game.

In case you haven’t given it a-go yet, Tetris 99 isn’t your usual Tetris game as it puts you against 99 other players. Winning matches isn’t just putting blocks down at the right time, it takes speed, skill, and strategy to knock out the competition and become the last player standing. There is the option to target opponents by sending them Garbage Blocks, but doing so could lead to a big consequence: your rivals targeting you back.

On Valentine’s Day (of all days) we shared our thoughts on this unique Tetris game.

Curious to know what the box art will look like? Don’t worry, we have it for you, and we threw in a trailer, too:

tetris 99 boxart


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