Card-Action RPG ‘Teppen’ Launches New Update Adding Mega Man X Character

GungHo Online Entertainment announced a new character for the Capcom co-developed card battle RPG Teppen.

In the update, players will find Maverick Hunter Zero from the Mega Man X series. The new playable hero comes with the expansion titled “Haunted by Memories.” This event takes players through an original story featuring several characters and introduces a unique ability “Memory.” Memory allows a card’s abilities to change if the number of Action Cards used during the match is equal to or greater than the specified amount.

Zero will have three new Hero Arts,  Fight Against Inner Demons, Rakuhouha, and Tenkuuha. Each art allows the character to take on battles differently than any of the previous characters. Zero also gives characters a unit buff of +2/+4. Also, Rakuhouha Hero will deal four damage split among enemy units when the player’s Memory count is three or less.

Teppen is a card-battling mobile game with a real-time battle system that is meant to keep players on their toes and ready to answer to any encounters. The game features iconic characters from Capcom IP with new hand-drawn illustrations.

If you’d like to know more about the game, we had the opportunity to interview the developers and learn about its development.

Teppen is available now on iOS and Android.

You can watch the trailer below:

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