Otome Visual Novel ‘Tengoku Struggle -Strayside-‘ Coming April 2024; Check Out the New Trailer

Publisher Aksys Games has revealed a release window for their upcoming otome game Tengoku Struggle -Strayside-. The Switch visual novel developed by Otomate will be available in English in April 2024, though a date has not been specified. The company has also revealed a look at the game with an official trailer.

Developed by the Olympia Soirée team, Tengoku Struggle tells the story of Rin, the daughter of King Enma of the Hell Realm. As a Hell Guardian, she receives a special mission to capture the individuals who escaped the area after a Spider’s Thread was thrown from Heaven to Hell.

The story will have Rin aided by Goemon Ishikawa and some other “trustworthy prisoners” investigating what really happened. They go to the Human Realm and finds out a mysterious sin pardoning app is being distributed by a former prisoner of Hell.

Curiously, besides having deep roots on the Japanese concept of Hell, the game’s lore also treats the place as a tourist attraction. The Human Realm and Hell have agreed to make the area of Asakusa a place where the living meet the dead and this is likely to be relevant to the investigations.

Aksys Online Store will have physical editions of the game and an exclusive soundtrack CD with a selection of the game’s music. The company has shared an early look at it below, though details may be subject to change:

tengoku struggle strayside cd

Check out the official trailer which showcases Tengoku Struggle’s opening video in English:

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