Temtem Gets New Trailer Showcasing Mythic Lairs in Cipanku Island Update

Humble Games and Cream have uploaded a brand new overview trailer for their massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure, Temtem. This trailer shares details for Mythic Lairs, which are randomly generated dungeons added into the recent Cipanku Island update.

In Mythic Lairs, three to five players can play alongside each other in hopes of capturing Mythical Temtem. Each player will progress throughout their own individually randomly generated paths while sharing resources with the rest of the team. Players will also have to form their own Temtem team and inventory in the Mythic Lairs, bringing a sense of strategy for preparation. Mythic jewels can be collected throughout these lairs, and if 18 of them are collected amongst the team, they will be granted access to battle the Mythical Temtem Tyranak.

You can view this brand new overview trailer below:

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Temtem is a massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure where players journey across the Airborne Archipelago alongside their Temtems. Players can choose to catch Temtems, battle them, challenge other tamers, customize their own residences, join a friend’s adventure, or simply explore the vast, dynamic world at large.

Temtem is currently available to play on PlayStation 5 and Steam.

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