Temtem PS5 Preview – Console Debut on a Hard to Find Console

Temtem has been consistently evolving like its in-game monsters since it launched in Early Access on PC earlier this year. However, console players have been subjected to waiting until the game’s full release to explore this fantasy world that borrows much from the Pokemon series. However, the lucky few gamers who could secure a PlayStation 5 don’t have to wait as they can jump into the adventure now to participate in the console version of Early Access.

No, this isn’t the full release, so that you won’t see a formal review from us just yet, but we wanted to quickly highlight some of the finer points of this adventure for those looking forward to experiencing it.

Temtem isn’t a complete Pokemon clone. I feel like I should get that out of the way early on, but it does feature many similarities. I think the world of Temtem was created for players to exist in for many, many hours alongside a growing campaign. However, the campaign isn’t as prominent as the quest to become the very best. Instead, most of your memories with the game are made with those you play with.

Luckily for PS5 players, the full community of PC players is available to play with and challenge. This also means that having friends already playing will probably make the opening hours easier if you’re new to the world. Yes, Temtem has a few early growing pains as you do your best to understand the nuances and systems required to be efficient and survive longer than a few matches.

Temtem 1

I wouldn’t consider Temtem to be an easy game. It’s actually quite challenging and unforgiving if you’re caught without healing potions.  There are beginner traps, such as many trainer battles between locations and a massive map to discover. Currently, there are four islands available to explore, which are unlocked across the campaign.

In the future, players can expect the full game to include two additional islands, new multiplayer features, and more side-quests. Currently, the game doesn’t lack in any of these departments, and if you do team up with friends, I feel like you’ll be making your own fun before long, just trying to get stronger and make a few discoveries.

Temtem 3

Battles will be where you spend most of your time. Whether against dojo leaders or random characters, fights can be played by throwing two Temtem on the field. As the creatures gain levels, they’ll learn new skills and evolve. Each Temtem has their own stats which makes the stronger and weaker to certain elements. This is the most straightforward system, but there’s an emphasis on buffing and debuffing, which is something I never cared about while casually playing Pokemon.

Running on PS5, Temtem was right to jump into the new console generation early as owners are hungry for something new to play. If you plan on picking up this game anyway, well, this may be a cheaper option for you. During my ten hours with the PS5 version, I didn’t encounter any bad connections or crashes. Still, I wouldn’t say I like that only one campaign can be played at a time, forcing you to reset the character if someone else wants to play. Also, there’s an option to only play with PSN players limiting online cheating, which has been a problem in the past for the PC version.

Temtem 4

In its current state, Temtem is a must for PS5 owners looking to spend hours upon hours on a colorful adventure. Even in an Early Access state, there’s plenty to access in the game’s multiplayer offerings that allow it to stay consistently fun. Its difficulty can be tough to wrap your head around, but like all games, you’ll be a Temtem master in no time with practice. I hope that the campaign can be just as significant in the final release.

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